Glossy Pop Newsletter: The constant appeal of Marc Jacobs Daisy

Glossy Pop Newsletter: The constant appeal of Marc Jacobs Daisy

All products featured on Glossy Pop have been independently selected by our editorial team. However, when you purchase something through our affiliate links, we may receive an affiliate commission. On TikTok, #marcjacobsdaisy has 5 million views, which is amazing when you consider that the scent has been around since 2007. I remember when it started; … Read more

Linda Ronstadt can’t stand writing

RONSTADT: I finished Victoria Finlay’s “Fabric.” He is an anthropologist who writes on the history of clothing. Just great writing and great information. It turns out that most of the pashmina are fake. THE BOOKS: Does that sound familiar to you? RONSTADT: I have a pile of books on my nightstand. I have “Vagina Obscura” … Read more

Gatsby climbs in the distance for the Gil Campbell Memorial

Sutherland is looking to remain undefeated at Arindel Homebred HALLANDALE COUNTY, Fla.— By Arindel Gatsby He scored a first-time victory over the heavily favored Golden Pal at Gulfstream Park on April 11, 2020. His three-quarter-length victory in the heavyweight 4 ½-furlongs race looked impressive More upsets like Golden Pal continue to win at the top … Read more

The Royal Lyceum Theater – Winter, Spring, Summer 2023 season of colorful entertainment and inspiration.

Theater is ephemeral. It can be recorded, recorded and viewed more than once – but never repeated. Theater is a unique experience, shared among guests. It is done by a group of people, in a certain place, at a particular time, and then no more. The drama lives on’. David Greig, Director of Applications The … Read more

10 most hated damsels in distress in movies

In old fairy tales, a damsel in distress is supposed to come, just as people expect a serious man to save the day. While classic stories often portray uninteresting or unrespectable leading ladies, girls have become stronger, more capable, and less bound by their husbands. RELATED: 10 Actresses We’ll Always See as Their Top Ten … Read more

Putting one word before another

So, I’m going to have some friends sit around the table and look at their phones. Ok, I know I’m being a little smart here, but that’s how it is sometimes when I go somewhere and see people doing the same thing. It’s tempting to check out what other people are tweeting about or see … Read more

As students enter another school year, it’s a reminder of the importance of history in making American citizens who | His & Hers | Spokane | The Pacific Northwest

click to enlarge Clio, Muse of History by Johannes Moreelse Asa high school story teacher instructs his students with George Santayana’s “Those who forget history…” some experts ask, “Should this be a test?” The teacher asks questions, and a child asks, “What time is lunch?” Even on the best teaching days, impressing students with the … Read more

Bourke’s Banned Bookshelf: ‘Shades of deeper meaning’ – Brainerd Dispatch

Consider blocking someone’s live content. That’s what happened to Maya Angelou, a famous American author who described the traumatic events of her childhood growing up in Stamps, Arkansas in her 1969 autobiography “I know why the singing of the flying bird.” After many challenges – many of which were successful – Angelou became a nationally … Read more