10 Actors Who Got Very Lucky

Jurassic World Dominion has become one of the biggest films of the summer despite mixed reviews and much of its appeal can be attributed to Chris Pratt as the face of the franchise. The amazing thing about Pratt is that he is one of those movie stars who could easily have never been an actor.

It is only one of the big stars that is true, with a list with legends like Harrison Ford and Joe Pesci and new stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Anya Taylor-Joy. This is one of the most important members of that great and honorable society.


10 Anya Taylor-Joy

Many actresses have found their way into the world of filmmaking through modeling before but the way Anya Taylor-Joy found herself in the world of modeling is quite remarkable. it. The US-born British actor is the star of the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit with this year’s epic The North but he was grateful for an encounter that really left him in awe.

As shown in Finally, Taylor-Joy described how she picked up her dog and ran away when she saw a large black car start to follow her as she walked past Harrods in London. In fact, in the car was the legendary Sarah Doukas who helped her get started as a model where she met an agent.

9 Hugh Jackman

If anyone is a true leading man, it’s Hugh Jackman, the man who embodied the raw power of X-MenWolverine has been the main character for over a decade. In part, this was the case because Jackman had been playing acting roles for some time before his film journey caught the attention of one Russell Crowe.

Digital spy It was revealed in the show that fellow Australian star Jackman got his breakout role in Wolverine after being offered the X-Men role himself. Crowe has done it before Gladiator and excited to let a young talent lead the burgeoning superhero franchise.

8 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is one of those special talents who feels right at home as the star of a similar blockbuster franchise The Hunger Games like the same heady movies Mother! a Don’t look up it’s surprising how much luck it took to become an actor in the first place.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Lawrence described how it was on vacation in New York when a modeling agent asked to take her picture that her journey into show business began. Funnily enough, she really understood that she wanted to be an actress rather than a model, as she began to work her way up to become one of the most decorated actresses. in this century.

7 Carey MulliganCassie drinks some weed in Promising Young Woman

Since her debut, Carey Mulligan has shown her acting talent in a variety of films. The great gatsby a Promising Young Woman but that initiation itself must require some kind of luck to come. Again, it can be called a test of patience.

The British actor revealed in an interview with The Application Board he was rejected from 3 separate acting schools when legendary actor and writer Julian Fellowes spoke at his school. She used the opportunity to ask for his help and it was the meeting that led to her being thrown into Pride and criticism. Oh

6 Joe PesciJoe Pesci passes out as a young Russell Bufalino peeking under the hood of a car in The Irishman

As one of the actors who became legendary for his collaboration with the same Martin Scorsese Goodfellas a The Irishman, it is not surprising that the director entered his success with Robert De Niro. Pesci only appeared in one film at the time, a low-key gangster film called The Death Collector.

The actor is ready to quit and go into restaurant management. However, according to Jason Bailey’s biography of the actor no FlavorwireRobert De Niro was one of the few people who saw the film which led them to turn it into the film world. Angry cow.

5 Henry GoldingHenry Golding in Crazy Rich Asians

Even Netflix Conversion received mostly negative reviews when it was released earlier this year, one thing not many complained about was the cast, namely Henry Golding as Mr. William Elliott. Many people know that Golding always had the air of a star about him which allowed him to shine in several movies and TV shows.

The British-Malaysian actor previously worked as a presenter on the BBC Travel Show but it was as the host of an awards ceremony that Golding caught the eye of one of the accountants Crazy rich Asia. As mentioned in Vulturethey were just looking for new talent to play the character of Nick Young for the movie so the stars aligned for him.

4 Harrison FordIndiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is about to crack his bullwhip in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Ball

The story of how Harrison Ford became an actor is the stuff of Hollywood legend in itself but the unique nature of his journey to becoming an actor is remarkable. Indiana Jones a Lukini Laha really. Notoriously, the actor had trouble finding a good job at first and became a carpenter to support his family.

As described in EmpireThis work led him to meet George Lucas in the 70s, to do line readings as Han Solo for the Star Wars recording, and played so well that they gave him the role. It’s more like a Harrison Ford movie Indiana Jones 5It is interesting to consider how lucky he was to enter stardom.

3 Michael K. WilliamsOmar Little in The Wire Michael K Williams

The tragic and untimely death of Michael K. Williams last year has many people thinking about the legacy of an actor who shocked the public with his portrayal of Omar Little. The Wire and Albert “Chalky” White on Boardwalk Empire. He also recalled the impossibility of his first entry into the world of work.

Also included is a story in the form of Tupac Shakur. According to the story, Williams was filmed in headshots while hoping for a role in a music video. Tupac saw the picture of Williams and immediately knew that he would be perfect for his movie Bullet and the strong performance of the actor immediately won him over.

2 Charlize TheronMavis Gary wears glasses in Young Adult

The events surrounding the acquisition of Charlize Theron as an actress are symbolic but they are also lucky. In an interview for Oprah, Theron discussed what it was like to do a scene at a bank that wouldn’t accept her out-of-state check. Luckily for her, the person who came to her aid at the time was a talent manager who saw her star potential.

The agent who fell in love with her was John Crosby, who showed the same things as John Hurt, so his agreement to represent her definitely helped Theron’s career. . The actor continued to be successful in similar action films Mad Max: Fury Road, Atomic Blondeand the quick franchise in recent years.

1 Chris Pratt

From the goofball character on Parks and Recreation to the superstar who owns the face Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic Worldand not long ago a new Mario movie, Chris Pratt’s rise was nothing short of meteoric but his first job turned out to be a disaster.

In an interview on Have fun every week, The actor explained how he worked at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. when his happy energy caught the eye of Rae Dawn Chong, the Commandos star who soon began his disastrous directorial career. Although the film did not become a hit, the choice to cast him in the film sparked Chris Pratt’s interest in acting which quickly became special.

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