8 Bad Love Movies That Broke Our Hearts

Some love stories never get their happily ever after. In other movies the climax of the story is a first kiss, the first ‘I love you’ or a proposal. Or they specify how the relationship ended before divorce or divorce.

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With gory tears, huge chunks of meat and big spoilers ahead, it’s one of cinema’s scariest love stories. Thinking of movies where one or two of the leads didn’t die, whether the audience knew it was coming or not.


Jack and Rose – ‘Titanic’

James Cameron The epic disaster movie spends its entire running time teasing the ending with some expensive lines about the first ship that can’t be launched. Leonardo DiCaprio Jack Dawson is a poor artist who wins his way into a ticket on a ship Titanic at the last second. Kate Winslet Rose DeWitt Bukater runs away with her future husband, rich and snooty Cale Hockley (Billy Zane).

Although they’ve only been together for a few days, love quickly blossoms between Jack and Rose, who is scorned by Rose’s marriage. Jack represents the freedom that Rose longs for and after Titanic and the little creatures were saved, he took his name and was free.

Ally and Jackson – ‘A Star Is Born’

Ally (Lady Gaga) and Jackson (Bradley Cooper) close relationship as the mixing speed. In this retelling of the A Star Is Born story, Ally is an undiscovered talent by Jackson, a famous rock star. He takes her under his wing, and they form a relationship. Ally’s fame then exploded, quickly overshadowing Jackson’s as he came into his own.

Jackson, at all times, was struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction that led to some embarrassing scenes. Ally’s reputation begins to be drawn by his association with him and their relationship suffers. Jackson was hurt, he put himself behind the belief that he was holding him, and left life and music unwritten.

Christian and Satine – ‘Moulin Rouge’

In the very first lines of the film, Satine’s death is not a secret. Set in one of the most famous cabarets of Paris, Christian (Ewan McGregor) is a freelance writer who is smitten by the show’s star, Satine (Nicole Kidman) in this music box. In order to gain the support of the Duke (Richard Roxburgh), Christian and Satine create a musical to win over new customers and revive the Moulin Rouge.

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Satine finds herself in a love triangle between the Duke who only likes her, and Christian who loves her, while she is suffering from severe symptoms of a terminal illness. The show must go on, and Satine, in the end, gets Christian for a moment. When the curtains fell on the successful production of the Moulin Rouge, he died in his arms while fulfilling his dream of becoming a ‘real actor’.

Jack and Ennis – ‘Brokeback Mountain’

Brokeback Mountain a tragedy that hangs over the characters for the entire story that deserves every Oscar it doesn’t get. Founded in 1960, Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Ennis (Heath Ledger) is engaged in the bitter business of shepherding sheep around the titular mountain in Wyoming. The two begin to bond, although not romantically, the relationship is soon discovered by their boss.

The rest of the movie is about years of stolen nights in Brokeback as the two men get married and start families they are not very happy with, wondering ‘what if’ things were different. There was a hint of a happy ending until Ennis found out that Jack had been killed, apparently. It ends with a tearful question of ‘what could have happened’ and Ennis saying to get on with life.

Romeo and Juliet – ‘Romeo + Juliet’

There is no love story more tragic than Juliet and her love Romeo. In Baz Luhrmann‘s 1991 change of William Shakespeare play, the Montagues and Capulets are rival groups rather than rival families, with the titular characters played by DiCaprio and Claire Danes those who meet with suspicion.

With a few minor changes to the play’s setting and character names, the adaptation of Shakespeare’s original work is fairly consistent, even when it comes to the titular characters. Romeo, believing that Juliet is dead, kills himself out of grief. When Juliet wakes up and finds that Romeo is dead, she shoots herself, both of them become the main victims of the family feud.

Maria and Tony – ‘West Side Story’

A Romeo and Juliet among competing groups has a significant difference from the traditional tragedy that separates it from many derivative adaptations. 1961’s Western history The rival teams, the Jets and the Sharks, are pitted against each other by class and cultural differences. In the middle of it all is Mary (Natalie Wood) and Tony (Richard Beymer).

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The two fall in love despite their loyalties to their groups and the rift between them, but tragedy strikes. Instead of an innocent conversation, Tony’s fate is sealed by an angry lie, that Maria was killed. Tony hunts down Maria’s suspected killer, and when the two meet, Tony shoots and dies in his own hands.

Hazel and Gus – ‘The Fault in Our Stars’

A book and its film adaptation about children with cancer can only end in one way. Hazel (Shailene Woodley) is sent to a cancer support group and while there, Gus meets (Ansel Elgort), in remission of his illness. The two share their favorite book, Hazel revealing her own situation left with a quick and unpleasant ending. In search of answers and a better solution, Hazel and Gus seek out a book writer in Amsterdam.

The author, a bitter and bitter man, has no happy ending for him, but the two try to make the best of their trip until Gus reveals that his illness is back, and it’s over. Gus soon fell behind, he accepted his fate to a tearful, bitter end that does not work miracles for short lots in life.

Gatsby and Daisy – ‘The Great Gatsby’

Baz Luhrmann’s third tragic love, and DiCaprio’s third tragic role on this list, is Gatsby (DiCaprio/Robert Redford) and Daisy’s (Carey Mulligan/Mia Farrow) is less intimate than Gatsby thinks. The two amendments of 1974 and 2013 of F. Scott Fitzgerald American history is very faithful to the story of the book. Gatsby, after returning from the First World War and making a fortune, decides to rekindle his relationship with Daisy, who is married with a daughter.

Gatsby throws fancy parties in the hopes that he will move in and buy his house just because it lives across the bay from Daisy’s, stuck in the past and believe that his wealth will be enough to win him over. The two reunite and Daisy is overcome by Gatsby’s success – her only success. After an accident with Daisy’s careless driving, Gatsby is shot dead and suddenly abandoned by Daisy and all her merry guests who don’t give a single thought to their host.

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