8 ways to capture ‘The Great Gatsby’ in your twenties

More than any other writer, it can be said that F. Scott Fitzgerald captured the rollicking, riotous years known as the Roaring Twenties, from its wild parties, dancing and unrestrained drinking and her prosperity after the war and her new freedoms for women.

Above all, Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel The great gatsby He is hailed as the quintessential image of Jazz Age America, inspiring Hollywood adaptations filled with dashing bootleggers and stylish flappers in short dresses.

But during those decades of renewed prosperity and economic growth, Fitzgerald—like other writers of the so-called “Lost Generation”—wondered whether it had disappeared. America in its rightful compass hastened to embrace the post-war wealth and consumer culture. even if The great gatsby captures the excitement of the 1920s, which reveals the dark side of the era, and criticizes the corruption and immorality that lurks beneath the glitz and glamour.


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