9 Fashion Designers Who Made Costumes for Movies

Clothing and film have always been combined over the years. It’s no secret that costume design is important in a movie. A well-designed costume can bring the images to life, transport the viewer to another time or place, and most importantly give consistency to the director’s vision. Also, well-made pieces of clothing can have a huge impact on a film’s lasting power. Drop off Breakfast at Tiffany’sfor example: even though it was taken in the 60s, the clothes remained in time and modern and trendy today as in the past, and without a doubt recorded in the name of the film as a Hollywood musical.

Over the years, a number of famous designers have contributed their style to the film, from French couturiers to high-end shoe designers. In some cases, costume design began their careers in America, and some designers were established before making the jump to film. In any event, these artists have definitely made their mark in Hollywood. From Jean Paul Gaultier’s runway show to Miuccia Prada’s reworking of a Shakespearean play to the other wonders of Paco Rabanne, these designers know no bounds. To remember these important designers and their amazing contribution to the history of cinema, we have compiled a list of nine future cinematographers and famous designers who brought clothes to life. Here are nine designers who have created costumes for movies.

9 Jean Paul Gaultier – The Five Five

even if Jean Paul Gaultier he has collaborated on several films throughout his career, the most famous being Luc Besson’s 1997 sci-fi thriller. The Fifth Five. Not only did the film reach cult status, but Gaultier’s new clothes were also available. Tasked with designing costumes for four major characters, Gaultier exceeded expectations when he designed over 1000 costumes for the film, including to actors and others. His performance in the film earned him a second Cesar Award for Best Costume Design. If you want to relive the extravaganza, you can watch the movie in theaters this year for its 25th anniversary.


8 Hubert de Givenchy – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany’s based on a novel of the same name by Truman Capote, it follows the life of the beautiful but flighty decorator Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) as she falls in love with her neighbor and struggling writer Paul Varjak (George Peppard). Although the movie is a classic, there is no denying that it got most of its popularity from its chic and feminine style. Highlights of Hepburn’s wardrobe in the film were designed by Hepburn’s friend and Parisian couturier. Hubert de Givenchyincluding wearing a long black evening gown in the opening sequence of the film is widely regarded as one of the most iconic pieces in history.

7 Tom Ford – Spectre

Established writer and fashion designer Tom Ford teamed up with costume designer Jany Temime in the 24th installment of the James Bond franchise, Spectre, where Daniel Craig’s Bond uncovers the existence of an underground criminal organization called Spectre. Temime discussed his collaboration with Ford in a 2015 interview with Esquire, saying, “It’s really good for me because I can design what I want and he just does what I want. dress maker.”

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6 Giorgio Armani – American Gigolo

Giorgio ArmaniHer love affair with film began with a costume design for a Paul Schrader film in the 1980s. American Gigolo. The main protagonist in the film, Julian Kaye, embodied the spirit of an Armani man, and the influence of the film would help launch Armani’s business in America. The famous designer would continue his film career and continue to design costumes for the 1980s TV series. Final Finaland similar films By Untouchables, Body Guard, The Wolf of Wall Street, a The bad guys, to name a few. The film has since spawned a new TV production on Showtime, also called American Gigolowith Jon Bernthal as Julian Kaye.

5 Paco Rabanne – Barbarella

Designer Paco Rabanne was one of the co-creators of the 1960s space-age fashion movement. Who is good at designing clothes? Barbarella, which follows a futuristic astronaut on a mission to save the galaxy from criminals. Rabanne’s imaginative costumes, including tights, chain-link miniskirts, and metallic sandals, have become as iconic as the film itself.

4 Miuccia Prada – Romeo & Juliet

Miuccia Prada has collaborated with director Baz Luhrmann in one of his films Romeo & Juliet, the great gatsby, and Luhrmann’s latest film Elvis. Prada, the founder behind Miu Mui and Prada, previously worked with Luhrmann on Romeo & Juliet designing Juliet’s white dress and angel wings, and Romeo’s navy wedding dress. The second time they met together The great gatsby, Prada has redesigned 40 garments from its collection to be featured in the film and recreated a garment from their spring collection. / summer 2010 will be shown on the star Carey Mulligan. The infamous duo reunited this time Elvis to recreate the King of Rock n’ Roll’s signature outfits.

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3 Christian Dior – Classic Fear

Christian Dior he benefited from his relationship with Step fear Actress Marlene Dietrich, who insisted that director Alfred Hitchcock hire Dior to dress her for the film with the famous words “For Dior. For Dietrich!”. With that, Dior will go out of his way to dress the German-American actor in his famous ‘modern’ silhouette that features nipped waists, and full-length dresses.

2 Coco Chanel – Last year in Marienbad

Famous designer Coco Chanel his involvement in film has a long history. According to Vanity Fair, movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn of United Artists believed that “women go to the movies to see what other women are wearing,” and so in 1931 offered he gave Chanel a $1 million contract to dress his Hollywood stars, both on screen. and leave, he believes he will bring the class back to Hollywood. In 1961, he returned to work as a costume designer for the film Last year in Marienbadfeaturing beautiful dresses made with luxe fabrics such as chiffon, tulle, and lace, along with her signature pearl detailing.

1 Manolo Blahnik – Marie Antoinette

The name Manolo Blahnik it’s like high heels. Although the great designer designed shoes for big names like Twiggy and Bianca Jagger in the 70s, Blahnik’s popularity rose in the 90s due to increased exposure from TV series popular. Very surprising a Sex and the City. In 2006, Blahnik lent his creativity to Sofia Coppola’s visionary work. Marie Antoinette. The designer’s elegant vintage shoes are perfectly paired with Oscar-winning costumes by Italian fashion designer Milena Canonero.

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