Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s 10 best movies, according to IMDb

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is known for his roles in movies like Kiki-As, Avengers: Age of Ultron, a The constitution. Short scenes in similar films The King’s Man a Captain America: The Winter Solider leave people excited and wanting more. His works outside of movies are in Nowhere Boy, Anna Karenina, a Animal for the night shows his exceptional performance in all roles, regardless of style or time.

Taylor-Johnson directed it to win the Locarno Film Festival’s Excellence Award on August 3. It received the award as the best new film. Bullet Car, open the party. While waiting for this award and his latest movie, the IMDb numbers show the best movies around that he has been part of his career.


10 Dummies (2008) – 6.8

Danny is lying on the floor in the 2008 film Dummy.

Although this film marks the beginning of Taylor-Johnson’s acting career, this film is considered one of his strongest works. In this upcoming drama, Taylor-Johnson plays Danny, an older brother who tries to take care of his younger brother, Jack, after the death of their mother.

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The brothers decide not to tell anyone about their mother’s death and try to manage life on their own. Danny deals with his depression by throwing himself completely into his DJ career, relationships, alcohol, and drugs. Meanwhile, Jack deals with the loss of his mother by taking a mannequin and using their mother’s clothes and accessories to transform it into a stand-in for their mother. he has something to talk about.

9 Dead Cool (2004) – 6.9

The poster for the 2004 movie Dead Cool.

After losing his father, 15-year-old David finds himself in a blended family as his mother moves in with her new boyfriend and his family. David feels the return of his father’s ghost to disturb the life of his new family. In this British comedy-drama film, Taylor-Johnson plays George, one of David’s brothers.

Although the film could not fully deliver the comedy promised by the genre name, it is very well known for the actor. At the beginning of Taylor-Johnson’s career, it was interesting to see him surrounded by actors known for their work in. Sense and Sensibility, Bridget Jones’s Diary, and one of the Quentin Tarantino movies to watch again, Pulp Fiction.

8 Outlaw King (2018) – 6.9

In Netflix’s action-drama about Scottish King Robert the Bruce, Taylor-Johnson plays the Lord of Douglas, James. When Bruce was rebelling against the English government in Scotland, James, who wanted to regain his lands, joined Bruce in the fight against England.

Taylor-Johnson once again found herself among a strong cast with stars like Chris Pine and Florence Pugh. Not only is this film considered Taylor-Johnson’s strongest film, but it is also one of Florence Pugh’s best films. In a film full of intense action and epic medieval battles, Taylor-Johnson’s performance is a standout. Although this is a Netflix movie, many members of the public describe this as a movie suitable for the big screen.

7 Nowhere Boy (2009) – 7.1

This British biopic is based on Julia Baird’s autobiography of her brother, John Lennon. Taylor-Johnson stars in the film as she explores Lennon’s life and journey with music that leads him to start his first band as he grows into what is known as the world of The Beatles.

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As Lennon, Taylor-Johnson gives a powerful performance that is widely recognized as one of his best. Without showing any resemblance to Lennon, Taylor-Johnson captured his soul to tell the story of a boy with a difficult home life who wanted to make it in the music business.

6 Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) – 7.3

Pietro Maximoff

The end of The Avengers featuring strong actors in the role of Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen as Pietro Maximoff (“Quicksilver”) and Wanda Maximoff (“Scarlet Witch”), respectively. The film follows the brothers’ journey from teaming up with Ultron to wanting to save the world with heroes.

Fans were excited to see a different actor like Taylor-Johnson portray Quicksilver and hoped that he would become a hero in the MCU based on his performance in the film. However, the death of Pietro turned Quicksilver into one of the most disappointing characters in the MCU as Marvel lost the opportunity to develop the sibling duo as the fans wanted. Taylor-Johnson inspired this popular film while Pietro got the attention of the audience.

5 Tenet (2020) – 7.3

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Tenet

In one of Christopher Nolan’s latest films, Taylor-Johnson plays Army Ives, with John David Washington as The Protagonist and Robert Pattinson as Neil, who joins and tries to prevent the War World III using time travel.

Taylor-Johnson was not seen in the trailer and promotional images for The constitution, adding to the mysterious commercial that seems to have given no clues to the film’s plot. However, in a film that is widely praised for its hard work and action scenes, Taylor-Johnson plays an important role in making the film everything. He delivers another great performance among a strong cast in a film that delivers everything moviegoers love about Christopher Nolan.

4 Nocturnal Animals (2016) – 7.5

Animal for the night - Aaron-Taylor Johnson

Directed by Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal, this underrated film by an LGBTQ+ director tells the story of art gallery owner Susan, who is sent a book by her ex-husband. -Edward’s husband. She thinks her book is about her revenge for leaving him 20 years ago.

This film alternates between describing the real world with the relationship of Susan and Edwards and the world of the manuscript. Taylor-Johnson plays Ray Marcus, a man in Edward’s script who is trying to come to terms with the beauty but it’s too scary. Tom Ford’s direction improves the film’s performances and story as he adapts the book Tony and Susan by Austin Wright for defense.

3 The Illusionist (2006) – 7.6

Young Eisenheim was laughing in The Illusionist.

The Illusionist A romantic mystery like witch, Eisenheim, reunites with his childhood sweetheart, Sophie von Teschen. This film is based on Steven Millhauser’s short story “Eisenheim the Illusionist,” with Edward Norton and Jessica Biel giving outstanding performances as the elderly illusionist and the Dutchess.

The film tells the story of Eisenheim and the Dutchess with flashbacks to their childhood lives, featuring Taylor-Johnson as the younger Eisenheim. The Illusionist known by the audience for being a part of movies with different stories. Although the concept is similar to The honorthis movie took him over the edge as he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Cinematography.

2 Kick-Ass (2010) – 7.6

Ahu Kik Ass

Based on the comic books of the same name, Taylor-Johnson plays Dave Lizewski, an ordinary teenager who decides to become a real-life superhero named “Kick-Ass.” During his time as a superhero, he meets Big Daddy, Hit-Girl, and Red Mist when he gets a bigger plan by the public.

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This movie was a huge success until the sequel, Kick-As 2, it was released three years later. Kick-Ass appreciated for the way it changed the way a movie becomes part of the “comic book” genre because of its scenes, violence, and a lot of bad language, while keeping in training and hard work. actor.

1 Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) – 7.8

MCU Captain America The Winter Soldier Post-Credits Pietro Maximoff

When Captain America discovers that HYDRA is working within SHIELD, he teams up with Sam Wilson and Black Widow to take them down. This movie is known as one of the best movies because of the way it is one of the few MCU movies that combine the elements to create a paranoid superhero superhero.

This film includes Taylor-Johnson’s first appearance as Quicksilver in the first post-credits scene, where he runs and punches the walls of his cell at the HYDRA base. Despite its few seconds of screentime, this movie created excitement from fans to see Quicksilver with Scarlet Witch on screen. Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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