Amazing A-List Actors Who Never Won an Oscar

In 2016, the world ended when Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar for his role in The Revenant. Before that fateful night, there were many memes and articles written about DiCaprio receiving an award earlier in 2016. Movies like What did Gilbert Grape eat?, Titanic, a The great gatsby It was always raised, with DiCaprio’s fans calling out the injustice when it came to the actor and winning the most important and prestigious award for actors. Fansided said that DiCaprio has been nominated by the Academy Awards many times, he has received five nominations, but only one win in his list of films and projects. When he received his first and only Oscar for his work The Revenanthe used that time on stage to talk about climate change and what we can do as a population to better help the Earth.

The Academy Awards is a way of rewarding actors and actresses for their famous performances and the movies that viewers love and remember them for. Glenn Close, an actress who has been working for decades, has often been criticized by the Awards, with eight nominations for Oscars that she did not win. Addiction, The Great Wrath,a Personal Problems Of all the roles that were most remembered by fans and viewers, however, other actors took the prize that night. It goes without saying that those actresses don’t deserve to win, but when Glenn Close came out zero after years of hard work, it’s hard to believe they made the right choice. Here is a list of actors and actresses who have not won an Oscar, which may surprise you.

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6 Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man, and Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark. It’s hard to believe that an actor like Downey Jr., who has many popular movies and television shows under his belt, has never received an Oscar. When Tony Stark finally snapped his fingers Punisher movie, viewers responded with great emotions to the loss of such a beloved character, Robert Downey Jr. delivering the performance of the year for the Marvel franchise. Apart from Iron Man, RDJ has played some great characters like Paul Avery in ZodiacCharles Chaplin at Chaplin, and Hank Palmer in it The Judge.

5 Laurence Fishburne

Like RDJ, Laurence Fishburne He is very popular, not only because of his unforgettable voice, but also because of his acting style. If you remember anything from The Matrix series, it could be Fishburne’s character Morpheus giving Neo (Keanu Reeves) the red or blue pill. These days, Fishburne is best remembered for her recurring role on Freeform’s black, where he plays Pop, the father of Anthony Anderson’s character. One of his best roles was that he had an Oscar winner Dap Dunlap in it. Daze Schoolworking with Spike Lee to make a real movie about college and fraternities.

4 Amy Adams

Amy Adams join this list with six nominations for Oscar, but not a single winner to show how amazing and easy his work is. The Things said that many people in the film industry said that Adams was wrongly treated in The Academy, saying that Adams deserved an Oscar with his first nomination to begin with. Amy Adams transforms herself into every character she portrays, whether it’s a princess inside Fascinating or Julia Child’s nanny inside Julie and Julia. He deserved it and made sure he got the accolades that other actors/actresses got at The Oscars.

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3 John Goodman

Once a college football star, John Goodman He is best remembered for his role as Dan Conner on the hit show Roseanne. He has a famous voice, if you know him Monsters Inc. with his movie status as Sully or ParaNorman, where he lent his voice to play Mr. Prendergast. No one can mistake Goodman’s voice, or what he portrays in non-films. The Big Lebowski, Great Simplicity, Arachnophobia, a The Babe it is one of his best movies. It looks like Goodman is never done, so here’s hoping he wins an Oscar for his worthy career.

2 Samuel L. Jackson

Like everything else on this list, that’s hard to believe Samuel L Jackson He has not been honored by The Academy for his years of outstanding work. However, in March, Jackson was presented with an Honorary Academy Award by his longtime friend Denzel Washington at the Governors Awards. At the age of 73, Jackson is given credit where credit is due for everything he has contributed to the film industry, however, he has yet to win an Oscar for any specific role he played. to play. Jules Winnfield in Pulp FictionGator Purify in Cancerand Nick Fury in the Marvel Franchise, are all famous characters of his, and for that, he deserves respect and admiration.

1 Toni Collette

For his role in Inheritance, Toni Collette should win an Oscar for that performance. Collette has wowed in movies like Miss Sunshine a The Sixth Sense, made his name in the film industry, and joins this list of actors who have never won an Oscar. Her photos look like Gretchen on Velvet BuzzsawJoni Thrombey at The knives are out, and Mother inside I hope to end things she has proven to be a very talented actress and can land any role in the future.

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