ANDOR Stars Denise Gough and Kyle Soller in Syril’s Big Return and Dedra’s Lust for Power (Exclusive)

Andor It’s finally here and ahead of its first three episodes, we got a chance to sit down with stars Denise Gough and Kyle Soller to talk about their adventures and what to expect. this season!

Andor has finally arrived and, ahead of its three-part debut, we had an exclusive opportunity to sit down with star Denise Gough (Under the Banner of Heaven; Monday) and Kyle Soller (Anna Karenina; The Titan), who will play two of the series’ villains, Dedra Meero and Syril Karn, respectively.

While we spend a lot of time with Syril in the first three episodes, we won’t meet Dedra until episode four, so there will be some spoilers in our conversation as Denise deals with her bad feelings. character this season and Kyle shows some What to expect from Syril after that big return in episode three.

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ROHAN: Denise, I believe that we will first meet your character, Dedra Meero, in the fourth episode and you will give us a lot of reason to believe that she has a bigger theme than what we know. as far as. What can you tell us about his journey this season?

DENISE: Well, I think that when you meet him, he is trying to convince himself, we talked a lot today about the nature of these characters, their desire to be seen, and get power for any reason, whatever they are. lacking in themselves, they will try to enter their work. Therefore, he is ambitious and rational in his desire for power.

I think for Dedra, it’s all about power, and so you see throughout the season, you see her get closer and closer to what she thinks puts her in the same situation and He is known, of course, and so are the lengths. he will go to what he hurts, that is, in order to get what he wants.

I love playing that because I think when you see women who can be those things, you never go, “Oh, but she’s probably good.” We don’t have to do that, he can be the same, he’s tough in many ways, but I can be one of the bad guys without apologizing for it, it’s good fun.

ROHAN: Kyle, we spent a lot of time with your character, Syril Karn, in the first three episodes, but let’s just say, she got a little bit of trouble in that third hour. How would you describe his thinking moving forward?

KYLE: Yeah, yeah, yeah, he’s like, “oh, [frick]what do I do now?” And it’s really interesting, something that I didn’t think of as a Star Wars series, a story to explore, what it’s all about. home life? You see, he was fired from his job and had no choice but to go home…

DENISE: … To his mother! It’s really annoying what’s going on in Star Wars!

KYLE: *laughs* Amazingly, it turned out to be a Pinter toy. It was amazing, and the beautiful actress playing my mother, Kathryn Hunter, was amazing.

DENISE: We are big fans, just like the stage. She is one of our goddesses of theatre. We studied his work in theater school. This is an amazing woman. Also Fiona Shaw, she was on the front cover of a play I did at drama school. These are like my superheroes, and here we go with them in Star Wars. You are like a spacious office. *talks to Kyle*

KYLE: Yeah, yeah, it’s really amazing, and so, what’s great from that perspective is that he feels like he’s on top of the world when he catches Cassian, and then he’s taken away. the earth from under his feet, and he received it. there is nothing left. Then he returns home traumatized with his mother, and what does he do? That’s a story of a man who at that time was looking for where, what am I driving now? And, he crosses paths with Dedra.

DENISE: Lock his car!

KYLE: In fact, it’s like fueling a fire! It gives him the fire of like, hey, no, there’s a guy like me out there who wants what I want, and he’s doing it in the best way possible, and yeah, so give back to his fire.

DENISE: Then they live happily ever after!

ROHAN: There are secondary actors and Star Wars It is, at its core, a huge space opera – has your first experience been featured in this series?

DENISE: Well, for me, as I said before it was the first time I went on a set and felt how I felt when I played. That is never. It’s not just that, and there’s something about this because it’s in all its workings and you’re going through this thing that can be held, it seems like a puzzle now, then, Very nice write up you got everything. The dance is the work, and the way the stories are built in this show, the way everything looks, like I look at the details, that’s what you get in the theater.

You’re always looking for new details and shiny and touching and straightening and you can do it running for like six months and you want to feel on your last night that you’re starting, and that’s what it’s like making this point. It’s like, I’m going to do more as we do more together, I don’t have that feeling of happiness when I work on the screen.

I will never do it, it seems to be a solitary work, and it is not joined together, but this means that you are going to a beautiful community that will help you to see the detail and better, then you have this fandom is out there to confirm and hold you responsible to make sure you get that detail. So, you feel like you’re giving a gift to someone who really cares.

So I think a lot when I’m doing something, but this, I think, as it relates to the soul, I think there’s a responsibility to do something for people and all looking at this, and that’s it. say, we talked about how you can only have a five-year-old kid talk to a 75-year-old about how much they love this thing. You can’t do that with other shows, Game of Thrones or Harry Potter in the next few years, but I don’t know if five-year-olds should watch Game of Thrones. *laughs* But you know what I mean, this is special because I get to see a five-year-old kid as happy as a 75-year-old. It’s so beautiful to think that so many generations have passed. I love it. It is a gift.

The “Andor” series sees a new perspective from the Star Wars galaxy, focusing on Cassian Andor’s journey to discover the difference he can make. The story tells the story of the growing rebellion against the Empire and how people and worlds get involved. It’s an era filled with danger, deceit and treachery where Cassian takes a path destined to turn him into a rebel hero.


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