Austin Butler in tears after being mocked by Baz Luhrmann for Elvis

None other than Leonardo DiCaprio advised Austin about working with Baz after he landed the role of Elvis Presley.

Last month, the highly anticipated Elvis Presley biopic, Elviswas released after significant delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Austin Butler won high praise for his performance in the titular role.

After its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, Elvis He had 12 minutes standing, and Oscar quickly surrounded his leader.

In fact, Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, said she would “eat [her] Austin didn’t win an Academy Award for his portrayal of his famous father, which he says is “FINALY an honest and respectful performance.”

In my humble opinion, his work was unprecedented and was done with integrity and respect. (If he doesn’t win an Oscar for this, I’ll eat my own leg, haha.)

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But the job of a lifetime never really came to Austin, and he opened up about how much he gave up when preparing for the job.

In fact, after filming closed in Baz Lurhmann’s home country of Australia in March 2020, Austin refused an invitation to return to Los Angeles and spent six months comes with a complete self-examination of all things Elvis.

Living alone in a foreign country during the COVID-19 lockdown, Austin told British GQ that he turned his office into a “detective scene” as he dug deeper into the real-life man. he is showing.

Austin said allowing himself to “marinate” paved the way for a “very different” film, although he admitted he was “grateful” for the extra time the lockdown had given him. it.

And Austin was so dedicated to doing justice that he ended up losing his identity by the time the film was shot, he said.

The day after the program ended in March 2021, Austin was rushed to the hospital when his body began to “shut down.”

“You can lose touch with who you really are. And I got that when I was done. Elvis – didn’t know who I was,” he told GQ. “The next day I woke up at four in the morning with a lot of pain, and I was taken to the hospital.”

“My body started shutting down the day after I finished Elvis,” Austin said.

The star was bedridden for a week after suffering from an infection that mimicked appendicitis. However, Austin flew to London once he recovered so he could start his new career. Lords of the sky.

And in a new interview, Austin opened up more about what it’s like to be tough Elvis whose experience he recalls returning home “in tears” after Baz and a group of execs mocked and humiliated him on his first day at the recording studio.

Austin thought they did this so he could see how Elvis felt when he was booed by the crowd the first time he walked on stage, but he wasn’t. which ceased to have a profound effect on him.

“On my first day in the studio, Baz wanted me to get as close to playing as possible,” Austin told VMAN for its Fall/Winter 2022 issue. all the directors and all the people from RCA, went back to the offices, he took them into the recording studio and said: ‘I want you all to sit in front of Austin’ and said let them mock me.

“So they were laughing at me and stuff when I was singing,” he said.

Defending what happened, Austin said: “When we were filming this moment when Elvis first came on stage and he was booed by the crowd, I realized what it means. I went home in tears that night. I really did.

And Baz’s ability to do things a little out of left field while directing films has preceded him – Austin also revealed that none other than Leonardo DiCaprio taught him to stick with it. measures the approach of the filmmaker after landing the job.

Leonardo famously worked with Baz when he starred as Romeo in his 1996 adaptation Romeo + Julietand again in 2013 for The great gatsby.

“I spoke to Leo earlier and he said: ‘Baz will inspire you in ways you’ve never seen anyone else do,'” Austin said. “‘He will throw you off balance and keep you on balance.'”

But thankfully, Austin was able to overcome the tough working conditions, and Baz has been nothing but full of admiration for him ever since.

Talking about the Fitzy and Wippa podcast, Baz said Austin was “almost born to play” the role. “He’s only been, like, two years into living and breathing like Elvis,” Baz said. “He’s going somewhere…

In fact, Baz has already admitted that Austin was so focused on introducing Elvis that he could not distinguish between the time of his leadership style and his own style.

“I asked one of my assistants [about Butler’s accent], and the man said, ‘Well, he’s not from the South. He is from Anaheim [California],’” Baz told GQ. “I never thought, until now, that I knew what Austin really sounded like.”

Elvis’ voice became famous, and Austin was forced to defend the fact that he always spoke with a Southern drawl in interviews.

“It’s funny because I think certain situations are starting to happen,” he told Yahoo! Lifestyle of his voice. I mean, that’s the voice I’ve been talking to for two years.”

“It’s normal in the end, you do it and you don’t remember what your natural voice is,” he added.

In a separate interview with Elle Australia, Austin said: “You spend a lot of time looking at one thing, and it’s really like muscular, your mouth can change. It’s amazing. “

And I think it’s fair to say that changing the tone a bit is a small price to pay for a great job.

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