F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby

Remember in Chapter 5 of The great gatsby, during the big reunion when Daisy and Jay talk briefly about their experiences during the flu? No? How about that change in Chapter 3, when Nick Carraway tells Jordan Baker that he doesn’t like big parties, after a year of socializing? Well, you can’t remember those moments … Read more

10 Stars With Relatives in Filmmaking

Hollywood has its Olsen brothers, the Hemsworth brothers, the Skarsgård family, the Smith family, and more cinematic families with instantly recognizable families. In some cases, these family ties have led to collaborations in TV and movies. Consider whether your partner is a parent, sibling, or child. For some stars, that thought is true. RELATED: 7 … Read more

RAVIN: I hate The Great Gatsby

All over the country, students are wiped out. Boomers blame social media, and they may be right. But there is a kind of indoctrination that twists my tools – I mean the culture of the American high school English class. These days, there is a lot of evaluation of what we teach children, beyond history … Read more

Fan Bingbing’s ‘I Am Not Madame Bovary’ Sells Domestic Rights to Well Go USA

Well Go USA Entertainment has transferred North American distribution rights to Xiaogang Feng’s “I Am Not Madame Bovary,” a film directed by international superstar Fan Bingbing. Well Go won the film after its world premiere on Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film hits US theaters on October 7. It will happen. Read … Read more