Autumn equinox quotes, songs, and Instagram quotes to share this season

The autumnal equinox is here – ushering in the fall season (Image: Getty)

Another summer has come and gone, and it’s time to fall.

The transition season between the hot summer months and the snowy winter season, many people love fall for its cool temperatures, cool nights, and rustic foliage all over the world.

Some use the fall season to reflect on the current year, or to make a fresh start. Everything happens in the fall.

If that’s you – and you want to send something to celebrate the arrival of fall – there are some interesting words and beautiful songs to consider.

Here are some options.

Words that mark the autumnal equinox

‘Life begins again when it dries up in the fall.’ – The Great Gatsby, by F Scott Fitzgerald

I’m so glad I live in a world that has Octobers.’ – Anne of Green Gables, by LM Montgomery

Walk to the park

The equinox occurs on Friday, September 23 this year (Image: Getty)

‘Of all seasons, autumn gives the most to a man and demands the least from him,’ – Homeland, by Hal Borland

And all at once, summer turns to autumn.’ – Oscar Wilde

‘I’d rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than curl up on a velvet cushion.’ – Henry David Thoreau

Summer is the second spring when every leaf has a flower.’ – Albert Camus

‘There is no beauty in the spring and no beauty in the summer as I have seen in the presence of one harvest season.’ – John Donne

‘April didn’t mean much to me, it seemed like the season of initiation, spring.’ – Breakfast at Tiffany’s, by Truman Capote

It usually starts at the end of September or October 1 (Image: Getty)

Happy Fall! My soul is married to him, and if I were a bird, I would fly around the world in search of falling waves.’ – George Eliot

‘The autumnal equinox will be the beginning of new things in your life.’ – Unknown

‘There is something special about the first leaves falling from the trees, it seems to allow us all a chance to peel back, cool off, start over.’ – Ruth Ahmed

The first breath of fall in the air, a feeling of destruction, a desire to take it, and save it before it’s too late.’ – JL Carr

The leaves are growing beautifully. How full of light and color were their last days.’ – John Burroughs.

Songs for the autumnal equinox

Fall, Leaves, Fall by Emily Brontë

Fall, leaf, fall; die, bloom, go away;
Make the night long and the day short;
Every leaf says happiness to me
Jumping from a fallen tree.
I will smile at the snowflakes
Bloom where the rose grows;
I will sing at night
Start a stressful day.

Many of us love sunsets (Picture: Getty)

For Autumn by John Keats

The season of mist and sweet fat,
The polish-eye of the ripe sun;
Join him on how to install and upgrade
With the fruit the vines around the canals run;
Bend with the apple the small trees,
And fill all the ripe fruits to the body;
Inflate the pumpkin, and fill with hazelnut shells
With a rich texture; to increase the flower,
And more, later flowers for bees.
And they think the warm days will never end.
For summer o’er-brimm’d their clammy cells.

Who doesn’t often see you at your store?
Sometimes the searcher may find it outside
You sit stupidly on the barn floor,
Your hair is lifted by the wind;
Or in a cut half asleep,
Bathe with the steam of poppies, in spite of your fear
Record the following swath and all its spiral arrows:
And sometimes, you keep it like a collector
Stick your heavy head on the other side of the stream;
Or at the cider-press, with patient watch,
You watch the last oozings, hours upon hours.

Where are the songs of Puna? Well, where are they?
Do not think of them, you have your song,—
While the firm clouds bloom in the soft sun,
And touch the dust-hill with red;
Then, in a wailing chorus, the little flies mourned
In the middle of the river sallows, bear up
Or falling like life or death in a light breeze;
And the old lambs are bleating loudly from the hill;
The bar-cuts sing; this time with soft treble
A red-breasted rose from a croft-garden,
And picking up to swallow twitter in space.

Pumpkins growing in a field

Pumpkins and harvest festivals also represent fall (Image: Getty)

Sonnet 73 by William Shakespeare

At that time of the year you will see in me

When the leaves are yellow, no, maybe a little

On the branches shaking in the cold.

The finished songs, where the sweet birds sang.

You see me that night

As the sun sets in the west,

Who took away the dark night,

The second is death, which holds all things to rest.

In me you see the burning of that fire

Who slept on the ashes of his youth,

Like a dying bed,

It ends with the person who was raised by him.

This is what you see, what makes your love stronger,

Love the spring you leave.

Hurraing in Harvest by Gerard Manley Hopkins

Summer is over now; Now, against the beauty, the stooks rise

Around; up, the wind-goes! the style is beautiful

For silk bag clouds! wilder, more reckless

Did the food melt and melt in the sky?

I go, lift up, lift up the heart, the eyes,

The proud descend from heaven to collect our Savior;

And, yes, heart, what look, what lips gave you and

Rapturous love of truth, of circular responses?

And the azure hills are his earthly shoulders

Majestic—as a gallant horse, and—very blue!—

These things, these things are here and the viewer

Would like; both of them when they met.

The heart takes wings with courage and bravery

And threw it for him, half threw dirt for him under his feet.

All spices work well (Image: Getty)

Autumn Instagram quotes

Visiting a pumpkin patch? Use these words to impress your followers:

  • I love autumn from the b-autumn of my heart
  • I’m falling for you
  • You are the choice of the wall
  • Perfume, perfume baby
  • Orange is the new black
  • What is your favorite season? Aww-tumn.
  • Horror season is here
  • All spices are good
  • The leaves are falling. Autumn is calling
  • Don’t stop walking
  • It’s even better when it’s dressed up

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