Baz Luhrman presents Maximalism in Elvis & The Great Gatsby

Perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of the Australian auteur’s hypnotically hyper-stylized work. Baz Luhrmann came as part of his renewed fascination with American cultural traditions. In the last ten years, Luhrmann has shifted his filmography from postmodern adaptations of a Shakespeare play and the magic of Montmartre at the end of the century to focus on the hard feelings and the desecration of the American Dream. even if Romeo + JulietThe Southern California setting allowed Luhrmann to begin to explore the dying dream of the American ideal through the discrimination of the love of the titular man, two. The great gatsby a Elvis see Luhrmann distinguish the concept of self-made man and the complexities of fame and capitalism, respectively. Although his style is often divided by critics and audiences as a class connection with cinematic style, Luhrmann stylistic excess throughout. The great gatsby a Elvis is important to the story of each film. Deconstructing literary pop culture through its perceived superficiality, Luhrmann deploys glittery maximalism as a symbolic form of criticism of the American Dream.


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Even Baz Luhrmann’s unconventional approach to change is obvious The great gatsby to transform it from its historical status in the American canon to a CGI-enhanced golden version of innocence, it was important to prove Luhrmann’s idea of ​​greatness. Rather than simply seeking out period accuracy in realizing every detail of Fitzgerald’s epic story, Luhrmann imbues every inch of set design and every piece of decor with the Roaring Twenties feel. By transforming the complexities of Gatsby’s beautiful face into a digitally created dreamscape of mid-twenties New York, Baz constructs a multifaceted world of raw light that points to the Gatsby’s personal history is thought to support his nuanced story. In particular, the lavish parties at Gatsby’s West Egg estate were shot for 3D projection, echoing Luhrmann’s desire to put the audience in the same emotional space as Gatsby’s wealthy guests. .

Even the amazing education gives an entry into the shocking and exciting nature of the story. The great gatsbyThe emphasis on eye-popping opulence also implicates the public in the tragic trajectory of Gatsby’s unraveling, building dramatic shock through the slow decay of the shimmering film. Descending the tragic line of death that ends Fitzgerald’s novel after the climactic confrontation between Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Tom Buchannan (Joel Edgerton) in a suite at the Plaza Hotel, the filmmaker allows the film’s golden hue to fade into a green shade, evoking the often-discussed green-light images through the ghostly going into silver. Although the green light symbolizes the unfulfilled dreams of Gatsby’s status as a self-made man within the system of the American economy, Luhrmann greenlit the final act of the film that makes the disease worse spreading through the glass. Although his over-the-top aesthetic was initially a mismatch between director and subject, Luhrmann proved himself worthy of the Great American Novel through his subversive focus on bubbling superficiality in under the story of Gatsby and the Lost Generation.

In case The great gatsby Luhrmann saw progress in the unfolding of the American Dream through symbolic and statistical models, Elvis Luhrmann’s connection with the American almost destroyed the human power. Rather than honoring his skills for the maximalist story to spread the superhuman stories of Elvis Presley As the King of Rock and Roll, Luhrmann used the bright lights of Las Vegas and the rock craze of Presley’s persona to infuse the gilded mansion where Colonel Tom Parker held Elvis in his business. even if Austin ButlerAchieving a sense of grandeur and unconsciousness like a film makes the film more compelling. personifying Elvis, Luhrmann’s fun and entertaining depictions of public and private moments in Presley’s life reveal a new narrative The film depicts the difficult life of Elvis. By first emphasizing the world-class glamor of Elvis’s rapid rise to fame through lavish costume design and stunning set design as well as rapid-fire editing and cutting-edge cinematography, Luhrmann drew on the cultural heritage and pop art of Presley’s career to address the cost of fame and the dangers of capitalist exploitation.

In many ways, Elvis direct call to the tragic history of The great gatsby to rebuild Presley’s personality in the midst of his heartbreak as a result of his unpopularity. Telling the story of Elvis through the lens of Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks), Luhrmann brings out the meaning of Gatsby’s life in Nick Carraway’s unreliable novel, criticizing the narrative inferiority of difficult storytellers through his revolutionary perspective. Also, like both The great gatsby a Elvis Giving the powerful scenes of their protagonists, Luhrmann casts timeless stories like Shakespearean tragedies and pop operas, allowing serious melodramas to grace the centers of both stories. . In addition to the unbelievable story spinning soundtrack of both films, Baz’s mix of contemporary and period-specific music makes the film series as imagining the American dream, bridging the gap between the stories of the past and the present- day viewers. Despite the installation of the same artists Kanye West a Lana Del Rey provides a beautiful contrast to his retelling GatsbyLuhrmann’s layering of real Elvis recordings, new hip hop tracks featuring Elvis samples, and especially Austin Butler covering young Elvis performances allow the film to elevate the legacy of Presley’s musical output and the Black artists that paved the way for his rock-and-roll. sound

Although Baz Luhrmann’s shift in demythologizing the American Dream may at first seem like a surprising departure from films such as Moulin Rouge a Australiatwo The great gatsby a Elvis to boldly invest the executive’s energy in reshaping diverse cultural backgrounds. Through a 3D rendering of a dramatic 1920s disaster in a kaleidoscopic retelling of the rise and fall of The King of Rock and Roll, Luhrmann forever transforms the cinematic medium into a compilation of iconic images and amazing stories. By participating in the glamor of Gatsby’s parties and Elvis Presley’s Vegas years, Luhrmann’s latest films have won the unsolicited claims to show a vision that separates the houses of the American Dream. even if The great gatsby a Elvis Luhrmann presents his cartoons in their heavy Shakespearean style, Luhrmann maintains a balance between entertaining the size and the sound of the heart, allowing his service to important subjects that always remain loud and beautiful.

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