Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Biopic could fix Gatsby’s biggest mistakes

Luhrmann’s adaptation of the great American novel, The Great Gatsby, was met with criticism for its avant-garde aesthetics. Elvis can fix this.

Baz Luhrmann Elvis A biopic can fix some things in it The great gatsby which critics and audiences alike saw as major mistakes. Biopics have become a Hollywood staple, since Bohemian Rhapsody i Rocketman Manand it’s only a matter of time until one, re-records the King of Rock ‘N Roll. Elviswith Austin Butler and Tom Hanks, it was directed by Baz Luhrmann, his last directorial project. The great gatsby back in 2013. Almost 10 years apart, Elvis could correct some of the shortcomings of Luhrmann’s successor.

The act of adapting a great American novel is never without its critics, and movies adapted from books can kill a franchise. Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925, The great gatsby put money and wealth at its center, and focused on showing the evil side of the Roaring 20s. When it was adapted by Luhrmann, critics felt that the film looked too 3D, and strayed too far from the original book’s original message. They also felt that the aesthetics of the film pushed the idea that this lifestyle was something to be looked at and criticized, and that it was highly offensive. This mistake of not following the story can be changed Elvis.


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Trailer no Elvis Luhrmann originally intended to take his saturated style and combine it with the real story of the story he was adapting into the film, to address the major criticisms from the remake of the film. The great gatsby. Luhrmann is remaking a film that draws from the original sources, but he appears to be approaching it in a way that is more concrete than the story he’s telling. The cinematography is colorful, cheerful, and cheerful in Luhrmann’s style, but the purpose of ElvisThe story of his story is revealed.

Austin Butler as Elvis Pink Suit walks into the crowd

Elvis, after all, is a perfect fit for Luhrmann’s stylistic choices. The King himself is larger than life, beautiful, beautiful, and his life is emotional, perfect with Luhrmann as the director. This means Luhrmann can play to his strengths through his title character (played by Austin Butler,) while keeping the story true. For example, Elvis’ avant-garde, unique clothes were part of his personality, but the crowd he was playing to in the 1950s was beige and conservative. The trailer shows this, perfectly combining Luhrmann’s style with reality, making the singer’s story a reality. Where The great gatsby was criticized for wanting to prioritize style over substance, Luhrmann Elvis combine the two to tell the almost unbelievable true story of a rock star.

The concept of Baz Luhrmann The great gatsby it is truly marked with its character; Cool, loud, and stylish. Some critics felt that this was a disservice to Fitzgerald’s story and the book’s central message. However, elvis’ The trailer shows that Luhrmann can achieve his directorial vision without having to deal with the story at hand. This was the biggest criticism he faced with his last film, namely Elvis can finally win over the critics.

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  • Elvis (2022)Release date: June 24, 2022

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