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Author Baz Luhrmann returned to the spotlight with the lightning of 2022 Elvis biopic, and star Austin Butler recently talked about how the director navigated the boundaries of his role. In order for Butler to achieve the goal of performing like Elvis, he shared VMAN Luhrmann brought in directors to mock him at a rehearsal. The director’s management helped Butler to separate the character and make the King more appealing to the audience.

Luhrmann is known for his animated films, and each of his scenes has scenes that will make the audience happy. His heroes and villains jump off the screen and that’s part of what makes Luhrmann’s films so powerful. From bearded villains to dreamers, these characters may miss the mark or the viewers click.


10 The Duke (Moulin Rouge)

Lurhmann’s 2004 music jukebox Moulin Rouge! He saw star-studded lovers Christian and Satine find love and purpose at the Moulin Rouge. The Duke enters the story as a jealous man, whose attempt to keep Satine for himself threatens the lovers’ dreams.

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The Duke’s jealous nature is atrocious, and his actions in the film are inexcusable. His own feelings for Nicole Kidman’s Satine drive him to violent acts, such as torture, and an attempt to kill his love interest. Other than being a good villain, he has no redeeming qualities in the film, and the audience is happy when he loses it in the end.

9 Colonel Tom Parker (Elvis)

Elvis Presley’s director, Colonel Tom Parker, in the newly released 2022 bioic, Elvis, led the King of Rock and Roll to fame and fortune. While Hanks has had some really likable characters, Parker isn’t one of them. Tom Hanks’ slimy character finds the Colonel crippled and takes control of Elvis’ money to prevent his gambling addiction.

Tom Hanks’ turn as Elvis’ manager is no exception. As the film’s unreliable narrator, his relationship with Presley was initially innocent. He uses Presley’s talent in such a way that they can find fame without anyone else. He’s unpredictable, and it’s hard to like someone who doesn’t care and doesn’t regret it.

8 Daisy Buchanan (The Great Gatsby)

Based on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, 2012’s The great gatsby Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire also found a new love interest in Carey Mulligan’s Daisy. One of the most interesting novelists, she reciprocated Gatsby’s love until he was robbed.

Daisy begins the film as an unlikely candidate for Gatsby’s love. She is demure, and the picture of youth and beauty. One of the reasons why she is so different is her unwillingness to leave her abusive husband for true love. She turns herself in front of Gatsby, plays the perfect fool to his advances, and is shown to be vain, cynical and self-centered.

7 The Drover (Australia)

2008’s post World War II epic starred Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman as two lovers who travel the Australian outback, encountering the locals and an unexpected romance. Kidman’s Lady Sarah Ashley has just registered Jackman’s Drover as the top-grossing director in Australian territory.

The Drover is in the latter part of this situation, because it is neither here nor there. He is an Aussie cattle driver with a heart of gold, and a close friend of the Aboriginal people. Although he has a lot of charisma, Drover appears to have a rich personality.

6 Tybalt (Romeo + Juliet)

Although not the best adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, John Leguizamo was Tybalt in the explosive film 1996. In addition to the beautiful costume design, Tybalt faced all kinds of problems such as Juliet’s cousin, and died when Romeo killed him in revenge for his friend, Mercutio.

Despite being the main antagonist of Romeo, Leguizamo’s performance is electrifying. Tybalt’s charisma and personality are effortless, and the flamenco-style fight he engages in is whimsically hilarious and incredibly titillating. He commands the defense with force and anger, and while he acts with confidence, he is not the most willing character.

5 Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)

The 2014 glitzy flapper drama introduced one of DiCaprio’s most exciting performances to date. The mysterious millionaire, Jay Gatsby is the center of an adventure play. Playing triumphant peaks and soft valleys, he throws fun parties to attract the attention of his first love.

Gatsby as a character is overshadowed by his wealth and status, who is quick to anger and decides his life without working hard in it. Although Gatsby’s life of luxury suited him, the path he took to wealth was shallow and unfair. Although dedicating his life to the American Dream, so he can win Daisy is love, he wants a better version of her.

4 Christian (Moulin Rouge)

Moulin Rouge Beloved Christian, played by the angelic voice of Ewan McGregor is the heart and soul of the film, and the central hero. He fell in love with Satine, the star of the Moulin Rouge, as he shared his musical talents with the Moulin Rouge assistants.

As a loving leader, Christian has all the right qualities. She is beautiful, raw, innocent in the Moulin Rouge style of beauty and evil, and she moves to Paris in hopes of pursuing her dreams. He has strong feelings of love, and forgives Satine at the end of the film when he tries to save her life.

3 Romeo (Romeo + Juliet)

The 1996 remake of Shakespeare’s tragic love story featured a young Leonardo Dicaprio and Claire Danes as his Juliet. A new setting of New York is seen as Romeo fights the city streets and the Capulets for Juliet’s hand and heart. Although he is the most famous hero in literature, Romeo is not a small role for a small actor.

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DiCaprio’s Romeo moves through the film with an undeniable swagger. Dicaprio’s Romeo is at the height of his romantic-hero career, with a young man and cancer in his eye. The audience can not help falling in love with him, and judging by his first appearance, where the portrait moves to the head of the toe on him, backlit by the sun and wrote songs while smoking a cigarette, Luhrmann felt this.

2 Elvis (Elvis)

The biopic of 2022 Elvis tried to humanize the invincible King of Rock and Roll, and reduced him to the level of obedience. Although the film has its differences, Austin Butler’s portrayal is brilliant, and sees a talented musician become one of the greatest entertainers in American history.

In addition to being really surprised, Elvis loved it. The way Butler played up his weaknesses encouraged the public to root for him. Elvis is haunted by the death of his brother, tries to provide for his family, and relies on natural talents and future quirks to explain his success. His downfall in the latter half of the film was heartbreaking, even though we were with him the whole time.

1 Satine – Moulin Rouge

As the talented hostess and wide-eyed dreamer of the Moulin Rouge, Satine was one of Baz Luhrmann’s favorite characters. His determination to give up his career in search of true love and a better life leads him to a tragic end.

Satine’s sparkling entrance at the beginning of the film calls for a self-presentation girl. He gives up on love, but he secretly gives in to his passions and wants to be a real actor in his work. Opening up to Christian, she discovers the possibilities of love and chooses to find a life for herself outside the confines of the nightclub. His steadfastness and blossoming from the cynic endeared him to the masses.

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