Best costume design in Joe Wright’s movies

British leader Joe WrightMovies appear around popular culture in many ways, whether it’s a Tumblr repost of a scene from Pride & Criticism or imitations frequent collaborator Keira Knightley’s backless silk green dress from Forgiveness. Wright’s most popular films are period films, and he continues this trend with his latest release: Cyrano. Wright first rose to prominence with his first directorial debut, Pride and criticism, and it set the tone for the rest of his career and what was to come from the director. He went on to produce several hits over the years, although it’s hard to say whether the popularity that came with his two films was greater.

However, if there is one aspect that sets Wright’s films apart, it is the costume design. Costumes are an important part of getting the audience involved in the story they are trying to tell, especially if it is a movie. If there is something that is not known for the time of purchase, then it can completely spoil the experience of watching the movie for the viewer. If the dress is trying to tell the world about the reason for the fashion or to provide a vehicle for moving the themes forward, the dress can be simple or optional. Using beautiful things can change the story into something different. These are the films of Joe Wright, chosen according to their costume design.

5 Very Dark Hour

Wright movie 2017 Very Dark Hour Gary Oldman stars in the role of Winston Churchill between the start of World War II in England, and the War Cabinet Crisis that took place in May 1940. Very Dark Hour London is recreated in the 1940s, so of course the setting and character design give some nods to the historical elements of the time. According to IndieWire, costume designer Jacqueline Durran went to stores that Churchill frequented during his lifetime to get clothes for Oldman. He also said that Churchill often wore a different color palette and style of clothing throughout the 30s, so the film captures that style in his clothing on screen.

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4 Cyrano

Cyrano It is Wright’s latest release, as it comes out in 2021, and it is an adaptation of a play based on the life of a 1600s man: Cyrano de Bergerac. According to CNN, the crew had 26 days to think about the costumes of the film, but they did an amazing job. Inspired by the 1800s, rather than the 1600s, the clothes were meant to dance in and have a romantic edge to their design. Money plays an important role in the world of Cyranobecause each character has their personality fixed in the shades and hues they wear.

3 Anna Karenina

Bringing one of Leo Tolstoy’s epic stories to life, Wright’s adaptation of Anna Karenina It does not let go of the nature of the period of Russian history that it represents. Of course, this is about the costume design, which was done by Jacqueline Durran – a frequent collaborator with Wright, since she created clothes for Sorry, darkest hour, a Pride & Criticism. Anna KareninaThe costumes are beautiful, but the history is not accurate. Durran’s influences come from the 1950s when it comes to overall design, although some details are a simple consideration in this era. Anna Karenina is set. All in all, the costume is just right, enhancing the themes of the story and putting the viewer in the scene.

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2 Forgiveness

Keira Knightley’s clothes for Forgiveness this is probably one of the most popular costumes for fans of period dramas. When she appears in the green silk dress, it is a turning point in the story, moving away from Briony’s youthful appearance and returning Knightley’s Celia as a young woman who wants to become a favorite. Like Anna KareninaThe film’s clothing draws on the overall style of the era, but it also offers a more casual approach to the scene. real time it came. But don’t do plaids and prints of Forgivenessand bathing suits, beautiful ogle i.

1 Pride & Criticism

In a world of Regency-era movies and television, doing an adaptation of Jane Austen is very difficult when it comes to historical accuracy. The Bennett sisters wear skimpy dresses throughout the film, but are never really into anything. Even Wright Pride & Criticism the social life of the Regency period did not have a strong character, although the actors were moving towards the modern style, this also shows the way the characters were dressed. Their clothes are more simple, free, to accept occasions such as running in the field. Their clothes are also simple, and some are embarrassing to wear to the ball. This may be the new thing now Pride & Criticism The world does not know what it needs.

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