Biggie throws an Old School Saturday night party for the #BBNaija Level Up Housemates | We will fill you up

Every week, not only is the housemates party on Saturday night, but each party has a special theme. Last week, the housemates enjoyed a party and went to the beach the week before. Theme parties always give different vibes to the Housemates, and they don’t hurt to set the dance floor on fire.

Last night was no different. They got the same clothes as always and were excited to see the wigs.

We all have questions about what’s on the table tonight, and it looks like Biggie is throwing back when the afros are worn, and the curled wigs are seen. . It’s like a time in a time machine, roommates with other old-school characters, only more so in their own way.

Hipster pants are the order of the day for men, and pearls are for women. Dotun Seen in black and white, and a beret to complete his look. Sheggz a Groovy berets too, with an afro like her daughter’s Phyna.

Eloswag a Chomzy similar afros, and It’s Bryan he looked like he stepped out of a Great Gatsby scene. His Manhattan Fedora Hat and the rest worked well for him. Bella changed clothes after trying on the dress she got but it didn’t fit.

Bella and Chomzy brought the best vibes to the dance floor as they danced and sang together. “Omo, You Don’t Make Me Happy,” is their favorite song they sing together D’Banj’s music.

See the highlights:

Image Credit: Africamagic

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