Marriage: Who is the star of the new BBC One show?

The Wedding premiered on BBC One on Sunday, August 14 (Image: BBC/The Forge/Rory Mulvey) BBC One’s new drama premiered last night i star opinion show. After just one episode, The Wedding was praised for its realistic, dialogue-lite depiction of, necessarymarriage The show, written and directed by Mum creator Stefan Golaszewski, stars two TV giants as … Read more

Organizing books to believers?

© Torlief Knaphus’s image of the angel Moroni standing on the Hill Cumorah.(LDS Media Library) I had a very long day, and it was late, and I was tired. (For that matter, I’m not over jet lag.) So I thought I’d recap something from five years ago that you may have missed: There was a … Read more

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts announces the cast and crew for LADY PAKE, a great deal about anything, and more.

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) Theater Company and Education departments have announced the full cast and crew for the fall 2022/23 productions of The Chinese Lady, Much Ado About Nothing, LITTLE RED, and and A Christmas Carol. “The DCPA is getting excited this fall! From the world-class immersive production Theater of the … Read more

In respect to boredom | Financial Times

The last time I was real, hurt, hurt, in the way I remember from my childhood – watching the minutes tick by like hours; prefers incentives other than the abhorrent ones offered; intent on releasing anger physically, vocally, or both – nearly a year ago. It was during an unfinished church held to celebrate the … Read more

We need to ban these 10 Russian things

Photo credit: Elise Swain/The Intercept; Images: Getty Images In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, YouTube has completely lost the archives of RT shows, including journalists Chris Hedges and Abby Martin. Netflix has stopped working on an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina,” even though it finished shooting in Russia and Tolstoy was one … Read more