A Punk in the 19th Century

Eleanor Marx – nicknamed “Tussy” – was born on this day, January 16, in 1855. The owner of the important name, she saw how to create her own legacy in the form of a propagator of socialist ideals and an organizer. Tussy’s favorite word is “Forward!” He loved William Shakespeare unconditionally and founded the Dogberry … Read more

Fan Bingbing’s ‘I Am Not Madame Bovary’ Sells Domestic Rights to Well Go USA

Well Go USA Entertainment has transferred North American distribution rights to Xiaogang Feng’s “I Am Not Madame Bovary,” a film directed by international superstar Fan Bingbing. Well Go won the film after its world premiere on Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film hits US theaters on October 7. It will happen. Read … Read more

Recommended by Jessie Cole review – one author thinks with her love of relationship | Autobiography and memoir

Australian writer Jessie Cole’s first memoir, Staying, tells of a teenager who is “devastated” by the murders of her sister and father, and the result of such terrible losses. In many ways, Desire: A Reckoning picks up where it left off. It depicts Cole’s relationship with an ambivalent older man, as the “fortress” of his … Read more

Madame Harris – C’est Moi

Why should I draw a project? It’s a common question, but the answers are difficult. At first glance, my films are very different from each other. A former employer added, “You have the most eclectic CV I’ve ever seen.” But when I came to see, there it was he strong connections, common themes and threads … Read more

Frances O’Connor in her upcoming documentary about Emily Brontë

The filmmaker is part of this year’s festival tour after a 10-year tour (Image: Michael Wharley/Popora Films/Warner Bros/Getty/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) Actress Frances O’Connor has enjoyed a successful film and TV career spanning more than 25 years, lighting up our screens in programs such as The Missing, The Importance of Being Earnest and Colin Firth and Reese Witherspoon … Read more

Sophie Barthes talks about Madame Bovary

Given Mia Wasikowska stars as the eponymous Madame Bovary in a new cinematic adaptation of the famous story. Sophie Barthes lost a number of financial opportunities for her transformation Madame Bovary fall apart. The French-born American academic says he always knew Gustave Flaubert’s 1856 novel would be a tough sell. “This is a dark story … Read more

Returning to the Time of a Dictator Novel

The story of Asturias tells the story of a nameless country ruled by a nameless man. Photo by Pierre Boulat / The LIFE Picture Collection / Shutterstock A writer’s life is inspired, filled, consumed, or consumed by the drama of knowledge. Most writers don’t. Some people are ahead of their time and gone. Some people … Read more