‘He’s very good’ – Aidan O’Brien talks raceless 33-1 Derby dark horse | Horse Breeding News

Patrick McCann (racingpost.com/photos) ” title = “Aidan O’Brien: expected to field some unknown donkeys in Classic trials in the coming weeks” class=”js-imageLoader” data-at-xn=”https:/ /www.rp-assets.com/images/ news/2022/03/28/107075-medium.jpeg” data-br-n=”https://www.rp-assets.com/images/news/2022/ 03/28/107075-medium.jpeg” data-br-m=”https://www.rp-assets.com/images/news/2022/03/28/107075-large.jpeg” data-br-w =”https://www.rp-assets .com/images/news/2022/03/28/107075-large.jpeg” data-br-xw=”https://www.rp-assets.com/images /news/2022/03/28/107075- large.jpeg” onclick=”return false;”> Aidan O’Brien: expected to field some unsung donkeys in Classic trials in the coming weeks Patrick McCann (racingpost.com/photos) By … Read more

In English: Middlemarch between Bristol and Bath

“It’s painful to be told something is so good and not think it’s good – it’s like being blind, even though people are talking in the air.”—George Eliot, Middlemarch 1.With only a week left in England after studying there for nine months, I knew I needed to read something important to keep me going through … Read more

Q&A: CJ Carey, author of ‘Widowland’

With imagination, suspense, and originality, CJ Carey has created an eerie story of “what if” that explores the development of certain systems of female power that the Nazis loved in of England occupied by Germany. We chatted with CJ Carey about his latest release Widowlandincluding writing, book recommendations, and more! Hello, CJ! Can you tell … Read more

Ladislaw Society: What Henry James (and Others) Got Wrong About Middlemarch

Every writer must listen to certain voices in order to write: criticisms from tired professors, rejection letters from disaffected editors, research questions from fellow passengers. it’s about comparison. Dan Brown or otherwise Stephenie Meyer. For me, when writing my first book, my grandmother’s voice was stronger. It has come to represent hundreds of voices questioning … Read more

Nicholas Goldberg: The terrifying battle over Charles Manson’s small fortune | Writers

NICHOLAS GOLDBERG Tribune Content A heavy and heavy battle is going on in a courtroom in Los Angeles to win control of the property of the famous murderer and cult leader Charles Manson. All that’s up for debate about what he wants are the clothes he owned and two or three guitars — the ones … Read more

Where is it going up? | Joe Nutt

Iit is clear the reduction looking at everything as intransigent a political goal as the way of life — will not surprise those who think that the two words are no more than slogans, the former replaces the latter when the electorate begins to smell the rat . The idea that British citizens can stand … Read more

Comment: Rail travel is important

Now that it is more than two years since Dunedin Railways went into hibernation, the world is changing and normality is returning. With the local elections about to begin, we hope to see the council happy to see the return of one of Dunedin’s tourist icons and the money and resources given to it to … Read more

Forget Middlemarch. I love my corona-abs

Weeks passed by now: and the ennui stayed. My mood fluctuates daily between short bursts of joy, pain and total inertia. I keep half on the calendar, and the other on the fridge. The fun of recording life has increased at times. I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer or anything. Of course, I’m … Read more