Honor Society Explained – Will Honor Get the Word Harvard Wants?

This article discusses the finale for the Paramount + film Honor Society and contains spoilers.

Ready Ready Film critic MN Miller called Honorable Mention “It’s a joke that slowly grows from the sidelines to victory.”

Honorable Mention It’s a new movie streaming on Paramount+ about an ambitious young student named Honor Rose (Angourie Rice). He has two loving parents. Her father works three jobs, and her mother celebrates life by baking different kinds of bread every day. His parents have created a comfortable life for him, but he finds it normal, like most teenagers. His dream is to get into Harvard, but he needs some advice from his mentor Mr. Calvin (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse). His grades are respectable, and he participates in every club and after school activity, but he realizes that it is not enough because only five percent of all applicants are selected. The connection of Mr. Calvin is one of the best schools in the nation.

The problem is, there are three other options, and he’s using this one to suggest that Honor sleep with him to get it. However, he wanted to just eliminate the other three. One is Travis, a star lacrosse player who keeps the fact that he is gay a secret from his father, who is also his teacher. One is Kennedy, a passionate painter who wrote a secret play about Madame Bovary. The latter is Michael, played by Gaten Matarazzo. A lovable nerd Dr. Nawai, and no one knows unless it is necessary to deceive him. He was poor and lived with his foster mother after his parents died.

Honor the plans to hold them to their marks by cheating them. He wants to expose Travis for being a staunch homosexual, thinking that if his father finds out, the family turmoil at home will be the cause of their fate. He convinced the theater company to play Kennedy, knowing his grades were failing. Finally, we have Michael. He begins to use his sexuality to seduce her, imagining a nerd who is now known for his promiscuous ability to make her think. He plans to go as far as putting a roofie in his drink the night before the finale. Well, this is a cool kid.

Paramount + film Honorable Mention the result is explained

A funny thing, however, can happen along the way. His manipulations affect their grades and jobs, but improve their personal lives. Kennedy formed friendships with members of the theater industry, seeking a community of peers. Travis ditches his friend for the lead in the game, Gary. He went with his father. When she thinks he will reject her, she says that she has known him since she was five years old. Then we have Michael, who shows some unexpected moxie by moving towards Honor as his frozen heart begins to melt for her. He is kind, gentle, and makes her happy. So Honor does, well, the honorable thing. He missed a few questions so he ended up with a high grade point average.

The problem is, Honor is played. Michael was not a poor adopted child; He belongs to a rich family. He cheated on her by going to the house of the family’s maid. Michael gained her trust and tricked her into thinking about him and saving money as she dived into his test. He was devastated, but his family and new friends lifted his spirits. The game was a success, and he was happy.

The final scene shows Honor walking into Mr. Calvin, and he has a meeting with Michael. He recorded the success of his leadership. He respects blackmails, but not because he speaks for Harvard. He tells her that she needs to tell Kennedy her old friend, or she will turn him in.

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