How Xenoblade Chronicles 3 surprised me

You can make a lot with 100 hours. I have a little time in some part time jobs, read Anna Karenina at least, and took an entire trip to Washington DC last month, door to door, I had little time to finish. You can take a class, learn the basics of a new language, or remodel your kitchen. It’s not more than a week, but it’s a lot of time to be noticed when you spend it on just one thing.

I haven’t spent nearly 100 hours with it Xenoblade Chronicles 3. At my best, I’m about halfway through the main story, and I’ve done a lot of the big pages, though very few of the smaller ones. But the more I see the 100-hour time, the benchmark where this game sells itself and has been described with horror since its release, is a poor way to talk about about what he has to offer.

I say this because historically, spending 100 hours with a game is not something I’ve enjoyed. This is partly because before this spring, I hadn’t played a JRPG in years, let alone one with the potential and popularity of the long-running Xenoblade series. The last thing I played was, Fantasy VII remake, it is one of my favorite games of all time, but I don’t have many quirks of the character that I have no patience for: overblown story, difficult to understand and complete combat, millions of side pages to offer anything to you. taken from the earth three hours ago. I don’t like JRPGs, but the bar they clear for me to enjoy them is often high.

Even after reading some good reviews of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, I was worried it wasn’t for me. But after spending a few days with it, I was happy to see that it is not a fun, balanced, and emotionally moving experience, but a romantic one that is suspicious of the size. of its parts. The things that I was afraid that I could not go with me, such as the hours-long cinematics and the MMO-style combat, really fit into the nature of the game and almost lost its flow. .

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 tells the story of two races, Keves and Agnus, who killed each other’s warriors in eternity. Those soldiers are born from test tubes and live only 10 years, if they don’t die first in battle. Their lives depend on things called Flame Clocks, which keep track of their enemies’ behavior and kill their inhabitants if that behavior stops. Noah, the main character, is an Off-seer, who plays a role in ensuring that the souls of the lost warriors are returned to the earth in death, which is the role that he doubts in the circle of the violence necessary to save his life. . Yes, that’s a lot of words, but it helps strengthen the central idea: the six main characters are child warriors whose lives depend on killing each other, and the Inciting event of this story is the first time of most. they asked if that was a change they could live with.

Xenoblade 3 It’s an MMO-style fighter, a word I wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for a former roommate of mine who wanted to play it. Overwatch in our living room. Your team is divided into healers, defenders, and attackers, with both playing a supporting role for the third. You switch back and forth between your six players in order to unleash locked Arts, powerful attacks that regenerate time or by executing attacks, an MMO staple. other. Xenoblade 3 credit. This can be increased by canceling, which takes its name from the same strategy in fighting games. Pressing your reload at the time of the first one gives you damage and recovery speed bonuses, making the fight even better as switching to between your party members.

I don’t see any unwarranted complaints by anyone Xenoblade 3 threw me. There was only one fight where I was really stuck, and figuring out how to use chain attacks solved the problem for me. That’s something I appreciate Xenoblade 3Battle system: very simple. Don’t like playing a class? Choose one. Is the end of the chapter too difficult? Level up with bonus XP. It’s a simple user experience that is overshadowed at first by the complexity of the battle and its menus upon menus. But this, which I was worried about at the beginning, is given to you carefully through the hours of training, when you reach the middle of the game, you have a good command of the struggle to slip through the usual trouble without. very difficult. This is the beginner’s Xenoblade—and if that’s not what you want, you can always switch to Hard mode.

There’s one thing I don’t like about war Xenoblade 3 it’s easy to get overlived. Enemies are located in areas where you will spend most of your time running around, and if you fight half of them, you will quickly end up not stopping anything in the story. great. This is all well and good if you just want to finish the story, and Hard Mode takes things in a different direction, making battles with characters 10 levels below you more difficult, but I want something between those two. So I’ve spent most of the game so far trying to be two or three levels below whoever I’m fighting, a strategy that often requires me to just run. everything between me and my goal, and cross my fingers that I succeed. do not break the ground.

What it means to be overlived is when I take a break from the main story to find parts of Xenoblade 3The open map I’m not on, I’m going through enemies about 20+ levels below me, and so I don’t care at all. This navigation method turns the game from a button masher to a fantasy adventure, where I can wander and look out at the snowy mountain scenery. Sometimes, something powerful will disturb me, and it’s a nice break from the peace.

This gives me something else to appreciate Xenoblade 3: the way to set up the sidebars. I have a complicated history with collectible quests in video games. One of my favorite games, Dragon Age: InquisitionThere is a famous quest where you collect hundreds of unknown objects that account for 50+ percent of the game. Xenoblade 3 This is the same quest, although there are more shards. There are dozens of other smaller pages, from colony requests to get what are called Collectopedia cards.

The saving grace of all these quests is that most of them are easy to complete. Once you have the required items for a Collectopedia card, you navigate to a directory and turn them in, and receive your reward and recognition. Don’t go to a colony that you haven’t been to in 20 hours so you can give someone some herbs and spices. This is what made me about a thousand times to actually finish these quests, and see the stories associated with them, which are less meat than the main quest. , and a little less, but at least something interesting and more. related to personal characteristics.

That big story, told through movies about the length of several movies. They’re over the top, but in a way that fits the dark tone the game goes for. All six of the main characters have different personalities and relationships with each other, although some of these characters are more interesting than others. The game follows the characters from Keves and Agnus, a warlock who also helps the story: when the characters meet in the so-called Ouroboros, they can see each other’s memories. . This is often part of the tension in cutscenes where one person is in trouble, and only their partner (and the player) knows why. I couldn’t argue about the plot of this game if I played it when I was 13. It seems like it was made to play in a YA-esque group of love, youth violence, and the military game that continues to be important in relation to military service. For the most part, that combination will still work even if you can see it getting cliche at times.

While the cutscenes hold a lot of the most important action, there are many small moments that help build the feeling that you are part of an important group that is enjoying spending time with each other. The screen in the camps shows images of characters cooking together, showing each other some books, and playing games, activities that recreate their nature. It’s better after a battle, as others have already noticed, but the worst thing is the idle games that play when you stop for a while: Fix Noah on his tail, Lanz and Sena doing squats and jumping jacks. It drives home that these child soldiers are actually children, and there are other things they want to do than fight for their lives.

I’m going to enjoy it Xenoblade 3 if I only have 30, even if I have 15 hours to finish with it? That’s something I thought about as I ran through the wide open fields and climbed up the bright red ropes that led me to the cliffs that rose into the sky. Although in the first half of the game, I saw less than half of its content, I watched several hours of cutscenes and completed twelve quests. In a game of this size, I think the content is justified by its length; Maybe not everything wins all the time, but there is a lot of it and it is hard to criticize what is not working, because there is something to be done.

There are also parts of Xenoblade 3 I think so. The quests can be a little confusing at times, I don’t understand the enemy placement, and there are some story beats, especially in the beginning, that don’t build on Monolithsoft’s amazing characters. provided. But mostly, whatever I’m doing, I’m happy. The running time of the game helps to give your tasks a lot of weight: if I run from the target soldiers at 10 o’clock, I know that I can flatten them without any problem at 40 o’clock. enough. , and it’s organized enough, to be just as good (if not better) than most, at least most of the time.

For a game about characters whose problem is not enough time, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 kind with his own. I’m happy that the game is as long as it is, but if the game is short, it will be considered complete. This is the best review of the game I can personally give. A lot of people are playing Xenoblade 3 see part of its content outside of the main story, but like games of this length, may not finish that story in the first place. But see 10 or 20 hours of Xenoblade 3 It’s a very interesting experience, especially when you know that there are many more things you can do if you want to. The more of his world you see, the more you decide to join him, Xenoblade 3 meet you halfway.


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