Internet Brings Back Teen Gift to Mom ‘Book on Cheating’ for Anniversary with New Man

The internet fell in love with a teenager who gave her mother a book about “cheating” to mark her anniversary with her new husband.

The 16-year-old took to the popular Am I The A**hole Reddit group, under the username IGaveTheBook, to explain his family situation, revealing that his mother, 35, cheated on his father at the age of 10.

He said “his mother had an affair and left us,” and even when he visited her, he said it was difficult because he “hated his new family,” as he explained. He has many children.

Visits have decreased on important occasions, such as birthdays, as she said: “She wants us to be close but I want nothing to do with her new husband so I keep my distance .”

In the US there are thousands of children living with divorced parents, according to the US Census Bureau, citing the Current Population Survey (CPS): 2020 Annual Social and Economic Supplement report.

Published in 2020, it revealed that more children lived with their mothers than their fathers, with 4.4 million under-18s living with their mothers, compared to 1.4 million with their father.

The teenager said he was sent to stay with his mother while his father was out of town, explaining: “And I was just lucky that my mother and her husband had a birthday on Sunday. “

The teenager wrote that he continued to “do homework” and “see friends” to avoid family activities, saying: “Because it’s bad to see love dovey with his men and what kind of family they have with their daughters.”

The night before the memorial service, she said her mother tried to contact her “like before she left us,” but her son said she was upset and stayed he is “on the ice.”

“I started crying because of it and I was angry and angry and my mom loved the script so I got a copy Anna Karenina for his birthday.

“That book is about a lady who leaves her husband and boyfriend for her lover. I haven’t read it but I watched the movie with my friend and I hated it,” she said.

When he handed it to his mother, he said he “looked shocked” but said thank you, but later he heard her crying.

She wrote: “So I was pleased to hear what she had to say about that book and me and her husband are trying to calm her down. a ** door and other things for gifting them that.

“It’s been a few days and my mom hasn’t talked to me. Honestly I feel like I’m really bad for yelling at my mom but at the same time I don’t want to be here and she knows that’s how I am. Is the door really open?”

The post, titled “AITA to give my mom and her husband a book about cheating for their anniversary?” shared on Wednesday, has gathered more than 18,000 upvotes, and has stirred up the internet.

The teenager, who is based in Canada, added an explanation after smoking, saying: “I gave my mother the book to try to tell her that I hate sitting at his house and his family and it hurt me. go there because I love the boy in the movie not because I want a train to ride him – I don’t want it to happen to me mother.”

In the book, the protagonist kills himself by throwing himself under a train. The teenager also confirmed that she does not want her parents to get back together, as her father is now engaged and “happy” with her.

She said: “Yes, I stopped visiting my mother because I hated her husband but she took care of me on weekends or holidays when she could forced me to stay with him but from staying with him or spending him with us every time I go. it is more important to him that he has not tried anything before least of all going to big events.”

Addressing the issue, Dszquphsbnt opined: “The a** hole is not real. Anna Karenina a common gift and a great gift. For one, if the shoe fits.”

Rachelvvvv wrote: “Nah. He’s not going to argue or understand what you mean if he doesn’t mean it.”

Nutmegisme said: “Yes. I thought it was going to be a book about cheating, but it’s just a fictional story.

Avamarie said: “It’s good to be happy. To think of a hurt child to be together and pretend they’re part of that family, it’s not going to end well. without them.”

Although Punkassjim added: “If you tell someone the truth about the consequences of their work, and they’re hurt by it, you’re not hurting them. They’re hurting themselves.”

Although Saerabash wrote: “This is different. I got it, your mother cheated. But really? Your SISTERS (because they are) are as innocent as you. You are taking revenge to innocent girls for what your mother did. you will be AH to them.”

Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy, is considered a classic and one of the greatest novelists. The story is about 800 pages long and was first published in journals between 1875 and 1877, focusing on marriage.

There have been many adaptations of the book on the big screen, one of the most recent being the 2012 film, with Keira Knightley as the lead, along with Jude Law.

Anna Karenina movie posters. A teenager said she gave her mother the book to mark her anniversary with her new husband.

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