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National College Championship Semi-Finals #3:

The last Jeopardy question (Friday, 2/18/2022) in the “Historic Structures” category was:

In the year 1100, the Bishop of Durham became the first prisoner here, and after suffocating his guards with wine, he was the first to escape.

Competing in the Semi-Final 3 of the National College Championship are: Kristin Donegan, a Carnegie Mellon University senior; Liz Feltner, a senior at Northeastern University; and Emmey Harris, a University of Minnesota sophomore.

Section 1: A Minor in History – Abbrev. – High quality – between 10 and 20 – Don’t be too thirsty – ESPN

Kristin won the Jeopardy! round every day double on “Don’t Be Thirsty” under the $800 mark on the 14th pick of the round. She was in third place with a negative $200, $2,600 less than Liz’s lead. Kristin bet $1,000 and came away with a pear. That is WRONG.

Earl Gray tea gets its distinctive flavor from an oil derived from the bergamot variety of this fruit. report

What is Orange?

Emmy ended up taking home $3,600. Liz was in second place with $3,000 and Kristin was last with $800. All the symptoms were reported.

Part 2: Geographic Name Changes – One Word Movie Titles – 20th Century Books – Chemistry Glossary – Religion – “Tic” Talk

Kristin earned the first Daily Double on “Chemistry Glossary” under the $1,600 clue on the second pick of the round. He is in third place with $2,800, $800 less than Emmey’s. Kristin worked every day honestly and it was the BEST.

Europium is one of these metals, although they are not as rare as their name suggests. report


Kristin got the last Daily Double on “Book” under the $800 clue with 9 clues left behind her. He led with $13,600, $6,800 more than Emmey in second. Kristin bets $3,000 and thinks it’s a grape. That is WRONG.

In a Steinbeck novel, the title character is thrown into the water after a storm. report


Kristin and Liz finished in a tie for the title with $11,000. Emmy was last with $10,800. All the symptoms were reported.

All contestants receive a Jeopardy Hope! right.


If you don’t have the time or desire to watch the video above, here is a link to Bishop Ranulf Flambard’s biography on Wikipedia.

Emmy bet her entire $10,800. He ended up with $21,600.

Liz bet every penny of her $11,000 and ended up with $22,000.

Kristin bets all of her $11,000, putting her in a bind with Liz. That required a solid record. The category “Fine Arts”:

A trip to France in the 1920s inspired him to compose “An American in Paris”

Liz first posted with the correct answer: WHO IS GEORGE GERSHWIN? Liz Feltner won the game with $22,000 which put her on top of yesterday’s results.

1. $22,000 Liz Feltner
2. $20,779 Raymond Goslow
3. $18,801 Isaac Applebaum

There are three stumpers from each round:

ABBREV. ($200) Alliance: NATO

RELIGION ($2000) The Hindu goddess Durga, known here as “D” for short, fights for dharma and rides a lion.

Semi-Final National College Championship #4:

The final Jeopardy question (Friday, 2/18/2022) in the “Texts in Banned Books” section is:

Introduced in 1928, this character is a disappointment with a writer before he starts a happy relationship.

Competing in the Semi-Final 4 of the National College Championship are: Joey Kornman, a Brandeis University junior; Jaskaran Singh, a University of Texas at Austin senior; and Megan Sullivan, a University of Virginia senior.

Episode 1: World History – Rock & Roll! – A day at the Sorbonne – Names of school clubs – Salty – Science Fiction

Jaskaran won the Jeopardy! Daily Double round on “World History” under $1,000 clue on the second choice of the round. He led with $800. There is nothing else on the table. Jaskaran bet $1,000 and he was right.

Under the revolutionary leader Emilio Aguinaldo, this country declared its independence from Spain in 1898. report


Jaskaran finished in the lead with $5,400. Joey was second with $4,800 and Megan was last with $2,600. All the symptoms were reported.

Part 2 Army: Expanding Across the US – Chorus – “Ya”s – Let’s Have a Watch Party – Verbs – Science Fact

Megan got the first Daily Double on “Verbs” under the $1,600 clue on pick 8 of the round. He is in third place with $3,800, $4,000 less than Jaskaran’s. Megan is all about it and she’s RIGHT.

Speak clearly & clearly; it also means coming together by joining together report


Joey got the last Daily Double on “Science Fact” under the $1,200 clue with 11 clues left behind him. She is in second place with $10,000, $3,200 less than Megan’s lead. Joey bet $4,000 and he shot with bauxite. That is WRONG.

Here is the wind, and this ore of uranium was first discovered report

Megan ended up taking the lead with $14,000. Jaskaran was second with $12,200 and Joey was last with $9,200. All the symptoms were reported.

Only one of the contestants received Final Jeopardy! right.


DH Lawrence’s novel “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” was first published in 1928 in Italy but was banned in the USA and other countries for many years on the grounds of pollution and adultery. Learn more.

Joey thought it was Madame Bovary (a 19th century novel). Joey bets and loses his entire $9,200.

Jaskaran was right. He bet all in and doubled his score to $24,400.

Megan has Madame Bovary. He lost his $10,401 bet and ended up with $3,599. He put Jaskaran on top of the list of finalists.

1. $24,400 Jaskaran Singh
2. $22,000 Liz Feltner
3. $20,779 Raymond Goslow
4. $18,801 Isaac Applebaum

As Mayim reminded us, the top 3 finishers will move on to the finals which will air next Tuesday (2/22/2022). Isaac will go home with $35,000 this time, but according to Michael Davies, Isaac will be back in the first two tournaments. We will see Jaskaran, Liz and Raymond in the final two games next Tuesday.

There are three stumpers from each round:

SCIENCE FICTION ($600) In this “animated” author of “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing”, alien cartoons called Carls appear all over the world.

MUSIC CLASS ($400) A standard piano has 52 white keys & these black keys.

There are three stumpers on page 2. Click on Number 2 below.

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