Starting a book club with my family during cancer helped

Starting a book club with my family during cancer helped

First person is a daily personal piece submitted by readers. Do you have a story? See our guide at By Rachel Wada “What’s new?” “Nothing.” “How are the kids?” “Good.” If you’re like me, that’s how your conversations have been for the past couple of years, even as the flu and lockdowns and winter … Read more

Madame Bovary: Fakeness as a Literary Account in Film Doesn’t Work

Mia Waskikowska plays Emma in Sophie Barthes’ version of Madame Bovary; like many works, it fails to capture the nuance of Faubert’s story. The filmmakers tried to capture it Madame Bovary on the screen since movies learned to talk. But even as film technology has improved, it has become increasingly difficult to provide a good … Read more

Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina and what it means to be a virtuous woman

Starting at 864 pages, Tolstoy Anna Karenina difficult to summarize in a 750-word essay. That said, in short, Tolstoy’s longest novel—considered the best of all time by many—tells the story of two romantic relationships. There’s Anna and Vronksy, who’s caught in a lie and finally implodes, and there’s Kitty and Levin, who struggle at the … Read more

What Michael Bloomberg can learn from “Middlemarch”

If Michael Bloomberg were a figure from a nineteen-year-old novel, he would be the one written by Anthony Trollope, whose evidence of the intersection of class, money, and politics – especially in his work comedy, “The Way We Live Now” – Reads like a comedy about a twenty-first century audience, even though it was written … Read more

Fighting Idealism: Dorothea Brooks, Mary Garth, and George Eliot’s Middlemarch

The novel gives us heroes and heroines who struggle to overcome all kinds of challenges, from medieval monsters to modern bankruptcy. And we are really accustomed not only to respect but to understand with these heroic images. (Direct hand signal: who is the reader Pride and criticism and thought, “I know how and mr. Collins”?) … Read more