As students enter another school year, it’s a reminder of the importance of history in making American citizens who | His & Hers | Spokane | The Pacific Northwest

click to enlarge Clio, Muse of History by Johannes Moreelse Asa high school story teacher instructs his students with George Santayana’s “Those who forget history…” some experts ask, “Should this be a test?” The teacher asks questions, and a child asks, “What time is lunch?” Even on the best teaching days, impressing students with the … Read more

8 rules to help your children and grandchildren succeed in college

Is there a more important time in the lives of young people – and their parents – than the day a new high school graduate goes to start a new life in college? And parents and grandparents? You have a right to all of this, of course. You rack your brain asking, how can I … Read more

Madame Bovary sues the film ‘I am not Madame Bovary’

A blockbuster that chronicled a rural Chinese woman’s struggle against injustice has sparked a legal challenge of its own. Expressing outrage, 60-year-old Pan Jinlian from China’s Guangdong province sued the director of “I Am Not Madame Bovary,” a film known in Chinese as “I Am Not Pan Jinlian.” In the 2016 satirical film directed by … Read more