Madame Bovary: Fakeness as a Literary Account in Film Doesn’t Work

Mia Waskikowska plays Emma in Sophie Barthes’ version of Madame Bovary; like many works, it fails to capture the nuance of Faubert’s story. The filmmakers tried to capture it Madame Bovary on the screen since movies learned to talk. But even as film technology has improved, it has become increasingly difficult to provide a good … Read more

He is a bad boy

A 1905 portrait of Emma Bovary and her daughter Berthe in Gustave Flaubert’s “Madame Bovary.”Composition by Alfred de Richemont. Illustrated by Charles Chessa. This article is adapted from “Frantumaglia,” a collection of writings and interviews by Elena Ferrante, translated by Ann Goldstein, out November 1 from Europa Editions. The middle pages were originally conceived as … Read more

When Emma meets Lucia: “Madame Bovary” goes to the opera | Opera

Gustave Flaubert published his first novel, Madame Bovaryas a group of magazine on La Revue de Paris from October 1 to December 15 His noble marriage, longing for the kind of happiness a woman should have … in a novel. The author tells us that one of the stories of his heroine, Emma Bovary, was … Read more

Claude Chabrol is a liar and a liar

The smallest movie ever Lies & Deeit: Five Films by Claude ChabrolArrow Video’s tribute to the late, great French New Wave director, also happens to best embody the spirit of the set: In Inspector Lavardin, almost everyone is a conniving liar, including the amoral police officer himself (played by the equally great, tragically late Jean … Read more