Review: Anna Karenina: The Rehearsal of Tolstoy’s Masterpiece

Keira Knightley in Anna Karenina. As many as his maker, Anna Karenina a great holy book. It’s a great fantasy novel; a great social tourism; a philosophical treatise on moral relativism and the limits of reason. But it is rambling and repetitive and raw, although the weakness of the construction doubles as a great strength … Read more

The alarming rise of book bans | Writers

The American Library Association, which knows a lot about borrowing, has taken a page from other major sources and declared this “Banned Books Week.” That’s good news, because any sign of censorship should be treated with caution. Civilization hangs on but cable and free speech are essential to its survival. In his not forbidden Cormac … Read more

Emma Corrin to Kristen Stewart: The many photos of Diana, Princess of Wales

The details of Diana, Princess of Wales’s life in the limelight have long created a fascinating story, leading to various images of the late princess. From Emma Corrin to Kristen Stewart, here’s a look at some of the actresses who took on the role. – Emma Corrin in The Crown In the popular Netflix series … Read more

Starting a book club with my family during cancer helped

First person is a daily personal piece submitted by readers. Do you have a story? See our guide at By Rachel Wada “What’s new?” “Nothing.” “How are the kids?” “Good.” If you’re like me, that’s how your conversations have been for the past couple of years, even as the flu and lockdowns and winter … Read more

Nicholas Goldberg: The terrifying battle over Charles Manson’s small fortune | Writers

NICHOLAS GOLDBERG Tribune Content A heavy and heavy battle is going on in a courtroom in Los Angeles to win control of the property of the famous murderer and cult leader Charles Manson. All that’s up for debate about what he wants are the clothes he owned and two or three guitars — the ones … Read more

Anna Karenina: Read the Book, Watch the Movie

Tolstoy’s epic story delights the humanity of its characters. Alas, that character was lost in screen translation. For the holidays, buy something you love Tolstoy’s novel, Anna Karenina. Don’t settle for silver and bronze – or modern day dirt – when you can give up pure gold. Don’t go to Anna Kareninacurrent movie, hoping you … Read more

Madame Bovary: Fakeness as a Literary Account in Film Doesn’t Work

Mia Waskikowska plays Emma in Sophie Barthes’ version of Madame Bovary; like many works, it fails to capture the nuance of Faubert’s story. The filmmakers tried to capture it Madame Bovary on the screen since movies learned to talk. But even as film technology has improved, it has become increasingly difficult to provide a good … Read more