The key to the book is that George RR Martin told the Targaryens

George RR Martin writes fantasy, science fiction and horror literature.

The layoff is 1,190 days. The most active followers of the story on May 19, 2019 Game of Thrones He knew the last chapter of the story he followed every week. this Sunday The space in her chest ended more than three years ago when she ran out of parts After the thought that he followed for eight seasons, each time with great and equal hope, each time with great fear that the result will not live up to all that he thought of. it.

first of dragon house This Sunday, for casual fans, is the end of that tradition, and for those who know nothing about this world and because it is prequel, an invitation to start discovering what it means. The series will be broadcast on HBO Max and will be available for . follow the story of Game of Thrones To premiere each episode on Sunday night, it’s based on a world that was recorded before the sound was availableAmerican writer George RR Martin He is the father of the child.

dragon house tell the story of one of the main families of people shown in the eight seasons of Game of Thrones: loss TargaryenThe book is named after the series that HBO Max started this Sunday fire and blood and from 2018It has (at least) 880 pages dedicated to That family is “Dragon Lords”, men and women who can control and control these things. And use them with the army for your goals.

In his 2018 book, the author, Born. it has come new clothesis standing 300 years ago it was mentioned in the story a song of ice and fireThis is the story that was published in the first season of Game of Thrones And two parts of them are missing. Martin does not confirm when he will print them, but the HBO writers have managed to bring the world closer to what the author wants. 2002when he issued it Game of ThronesThe first of five books, which he edited until 2011. The sixth and seventh remain to be seen, but it’s time to focus on the Targaryens.,

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In fire and blood great hero The internal conflict of that family of platinum blondes can fly on the back of something amazing. He who burns fire with his mouth and is thrown into a wonderful revolution, will not join. Aegon I Targaryen is none other than the creator of the image iron thronein a series Game of Thrones This is the main goal of each opposing and united ruler because it is appropriate for them to rule the seven kingdoms.

The Targaryens, who live in Dragonstone, may experience their most serious internal conflict in a long time. King Viserys I must decide who will succeed the throne. There are two substitutes: his daughter Rainera and his brother Damon. Both have the right to claim the crown because they have the right to enforce it, while Rainera has one: the law gives rights to men.

A civil war broke out between them – dance of dragons The author called the epicenter of the book. It’s the main reason for the Civil War series, one of all Fruit-fruit may be successful Game of ThronesIn theory, there will be ten episodes in this first season of House of Dragon.

who tells stories George RR Martin There is a maestro chosen for his book, things that are already known Game of Thrones And they are scholars, healers and scientists at the same time. The omniscient wisdom of those who speak little but know so much and lead a monastic lifeSwallow

In the first episode of the first season of Game of ThronesThe king who sits on the iron throne that rules the seven kingdoms is Robert Baratheon. He arrived there after taking over from the last king of Eris II, the so-called “Mad King”. Long Targaryen dynasty, Ariz is the 16th king of that house. But even though he placed himself in the highest position of power, the Targaryens still avoided their internal conflicts, especially between Rainera and Damon.

Narrated by George RR Martin fire and blood and (one of) everything will be counted dragon house From this Sunday. All writers are better than others Leo Tolstoy start yours Anna Karenina, “All happy families are alike, but each family is happy in its own way.”

Daenerys Targaryen, member of the important family of “Game of Thrones” (Helen Sloan/HBO)

Many people mistakenly believe that the reign of King Aegon Targaryen, the first of his name, began on the day he descended below the three hills at the mouth of the Blackwater River, where he founded which later became the city of King’s Landing. , But it was not so: the king and his descendants celebrated the day that Aegon landed, but the conquest of the kingdom began in his reign on the day that the High Septon of the Faith and anointed in the Starry Sept of Oldtown. This anointing took place two years after Aegon’s landing, when the three great battles of the Wars of the Conquest were fought. Therefore, it is believed that most of Aegon’s conquests actually took place from 2 to 1 BC (before the conquest).

The Targaryens are pure Valyrian blood, dragon lords of an ancient dynasty., Twelve years before the curse of Valeria (114 BC), Einar Targaryen, selling his rights in the Freehold and Long Summer Lands, moved to Dragonstone, a dark fortress, with his all wives, property, servants, dogs, relatives and children. . . Smoking is on an island in the Narrow Sea, under a mountain.

in his glory days, Valeria is the greatest city in the world, the pinnacle of civilizationWithin its glittering walls, two houses struggle for power and prestige at court and council, rising, now falling, in a never-ending struggle, subtle and often painful. for power. The Targaryens were not the most powerful of kings, and their opponents interpreted their flight to Dragonstone as a surrender.Act of fear. But Deniz, the first daughter of Lord Ainar, known as Deniz the Dreamer, saw a vision in which Valeria was burned to the ground. And twelve years later, when Doom came, there were no Dragonlords left except the Targaryens.

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For two centuries, Dragonstone was the westernmost point of Valyrian power. Its position at the center of the Gazette gave its masters complete control over Blackwater Bay and allowed the Targaryens and their closest ally, Valerion of Driftmark, a minor house of the Valyrian dynasty , to fill their accounts at the expense of merchants. . passing by. The Valerian fleet, including Seltiger of the Isle of Paw, another Valerian ally, ruled the waters of the Narrow Sea; Now, the Targaryens He ruled the sky with his wolves,

However, for most of the century after the Doom of Valyria, the so-called Bloody Century, House Targaryens had more eyes in the east than in the west, and show little interest in the affairs of Westeros. , Gaiman Targaryen, the brother and husband of Daenerys the Dreamer, is the lord of Dragonstone after Einar the Exceeded and is called Gaiman the Glorious. When he died, his sons Aegon and Elena ruled together. They were succeeded by his son Megan, his younger brother Ares, and his sons: Elix, Belona and Damian. The last of the three brothers was Damian, whose son Arion inherited the power of Dragonstone.

Historically Aegon the Conqueror and Aegon the Dragon was born at Dragonstone in 27 BC. He is the only son and second child of Arion, Lord of Dragonstone, and Lady Valena of House Valerian, late Targaryen. Mom on the other hand. Aegon had two sisters by natural ancestry: Vicenya, the older self, and Rainis, the younger. For a long time It was common among the dragon lords of Valeria for brother and sister to marry in order to preserve the purity of their blood., but Aegon married his two sisters. According to tradition, he married the first-born Visanya; Although common, Rainis’ inclusion as a second female was unprecedented. People say Aegon married Vicenya out of duty and Rennes out of loyalty.,

Born in 1948 in New Jersey, United States of America.

He is a writer and illustrator. His works include fiction, science fiction and horror.

su saga a song of ice and fire inspire the series Game of Thrones, which became an international hit. Two books will be published, no date set.

I fire and blood There is a 2018 book: It tells the story of the Targaryen family, a part of the saga, and he works to create a series. dragon house,

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