This is the latest Netflix series that the streamer has released in Russia

Netflix is ​​one of many Western companies to freeze its business in Russia after the country’s military invasion of Ukraine almost a month ago. The streamer began by suspending work on the Russian-language original series that took place during a period of production in the country. Then it was followed by the dismissal of his service in Russia.

Some of the actions of foreign companies in response to the Russian invasion, we must add, have been a bit confusing. Is Visa and Mastercard freeing up its operations in Russia, for example? This means, among other things, that you cannot use one of their cards to pay for a Netflix subscription. Now, we have seen below the projects that Netflix has stopped in Russia for these things.

How many subscribers to Netflix in Russia?

In fact, Netflix had a very small presence in Russia before the invasion of Ukraine and the launch of the service. The streaming giant, a newcomer to Russia, has a little more than 1 million subscribers in the country – a fraction of its reported 222 million subscribers in other parts of the world. .

The announcement of Netflix to stop doing business in the country for a short time (maybe) is a new sign of the importance of the rest of the world to Russia’s attack on its small neighbor. In other words: Russia is isolated from the outside world. One Western brand after another was pulled. The country cannot join the international financial system. Its citizens cannot travel, use Instagram, Netflix, and the like.

The new Netflix series has been canceled in Russia

Speaking of the streaming giant, here’s a look at the new Netflix series that aired in the country that’s currently on hold due to the country’s actions in Ukraine.

Starting with ANNA K:

This is, for Netflix, “a modern retelling” of Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel. Anna Karenina. With Svetlana Khodchenkova (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) set to play the titular Anna. Filmed in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the story takes place in modern day Russia. And following the socialite Anna Karenina, the wife of the soon-to-be governor of St.

Svetlana Khodchenkova is set to play​​​​ Anna Karenina in the Netflix original series “ANNA K.” Image source: Netflix

Netflix continued: “Their case soon spirals out of control, threatening the fragile balance of their family bonds and relationships. Set between cosmopolitan Moscow, historic St. Petersburg and the In the heartland of Russia, the play explores themes of passion, loyalty and the inescapable truth that no amount of wealth can save us from the power of love to set us free. brought us to our misfortune.

Other Netflix Russian series that have been canceled recently

Netflix describes this as a drama about a young actor named Lyokha. He is a volunteer who works at a charity that supports people with disabilities. “Getting closer to the group he is assigned to,” the streamer summed up, “the hero finds a common language with them and finds answers to his questions, helping those close to him look at life from a different perspective.”

According to the director Ilya Malanin, “I am very happy for this story that created my director. It is full of emotion, acceptance, and love. Each character is connected with contradictions in emotions and with jobs. And there’s nothing special about it.”

  • Irrational mind game

Announced a few months ago, at the end of 2021, this series focused on a celebrity at the center of tragic events that destroy his personality. Also, it’s about his struggle to become himself again.

One new Russian series

a young woman in a red knitted hat with curly hair
Pictures from the Russian-language Netflix “ZATO.” Image source: Netflix

Netflix describes this Russian series as a neo-noir detective drama. The main characters are an aspiring writer named Kristina and a cop, Dashkin. They lead an investigation into the disappearance of a child in a restricted city in the 1990s.

According to head writer Misha Shprits, as a Netflix reporter, “ZATO a common conversation between my writer Ilya Shein and I came up a few years ago. How can a child go missing in a restricted area? We thought of the mystery and tried to solve it just for fun, for the love of nature. Then we remember the ’90s, and how those years changed all of us in this country and continue to count until today.

“Unbeknownst to us, ZATO It became not only a mystery but also a story about people who have a hard time adjusting to new and difficult things. It’s about people who are struggling to stay who they are in a world where no one believes.

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