Tim Baxter – ‘Rock Solid Conservative’ for the first CD

Seacoast Current invites each of the Republican primary candidates for a 10-15 minute “live to tape” interview with Dan Alexander and SNHU Civic Scholar and founder of NH Political Capital Dean Spiliotes.

Representative Tim Baxter (R-Rockingham 20) considers himself a “rock solid conservative” in the GOP First Congressional District and the most accessible.

There is no doubting where the young candidate Baxter is in the political arena because he received a separate endorsement from Sen. Rand Paul and back the COVID-19 vaccine mandates, no fishing and “wokeism” in schools.

Baxter said he has a “rock solid vote record in support of the Constitution fighting not only the left but the spineless ‘Rhinos’ who have contributed to Joe Biden’s destruction of our country.”

His ability to engage his constituents makes him appealing to voters who do not agree with all of his positions.

“I am an honest candidate. Anyone can call me. My phone number is 603-997-8108. We put it in our letters and our email. I can be reached. Even if I don’t you vote for me I want to I think a lot of people on both sides of the aisle appreciate the tough stance I’ve taken against the corruption in DC and the bad leadership in my own party,” said Baxter.

Tim Baxter

Tim Baxter

Republican through and through

Like most Republicans, Baxter did not support the Inflation Reduction Act, which he called “Orwellian” and a “budget for climate projects” that would have no effect on inflation.

“Even though the Congressional Budget Office is leaving some say this has no effect on inflation. spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on climate change while most people can’t afford it.” in their box,” Baxter said.

Baxter said the 87,000 IRS will hire as a result of the law will not bring in the expected revenue as it has in the past.

“We don’t need a new IRS to hurt small businesses in New Hampshire. I’ve been calling for an end to the IRS. I think that’s the right answer if the IRS is weaponized and hacked. to conservatives,” Baxter said.

Instead of reporting their income to the IRS, Baxter wants residents to file a 10% flat tax with their states to pay the federal government.

“It’s good enough for God, it’s good enough for poor politicians,” Baxter said.

Baxter is not opposed to expanding Obamacare and favors expanding “consumer free markets, expanding direct market primary care, making it easier for people to buy insurance.” across state lines and buy group membership plans.

While not supporting every Trump policy, Baxter will support another run by Trump for the White House and his America First policy.

“Reframing our stance on China and foreign policy are two things I agree with that Trump has done,” Baxter said. “I think people are so tired of these far-left socialist policies that we need to take that back,” Baxter said.

Tim Baxter and his younger brother Taylor

Tim Baxter and his brother Taylor (Baxter for Congress)

His Brother’s Thoughts

If the issue of the government’s abortion ban comes up, Baxter says he has a personal reason that swayed his vote: his younger brother, Taylor, has special needs.

“It is one of the things that inspires me most about my life, especially my public service. The way babies with special needs are aborted in many countries like China in public is a disease. It’s disgusting. We have to do it at the federal level and we have to do something. It’s very important,” said Baxter.

He supports a federal ban on abortions at 7, 8 and 9 months as New Hampshire law currently does.

Baxter believes electric cars will continue to grow but opposes taxpayers subsidizing their purchase.

“If you want an electric car God bless you. But you shouldn’t force people, even if we are fighting as a whole we shouldn’t use tax money to support the electric vehicle of any kind, shape or form.

Taylor also made the decision to enter politics when the group’s home was threatened.

“Just seeing politicians neglect and exploit the vulnerable people in our community just lit a fire under me to step in and make a difference. Our system is my involvement has awakened me to the corruption of our political system,” Baxter said.

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