Top 10 Christopher Nolan Films

Christopher Nolan he has earned his place among the pantheon of great leaders. He combines creative cinema with serious entertainment in a way that few filmmakers can. His noir-inspired films are known for their unconventional storylines, mind-bending plots and dramatic special effects. Nolan’s best work is imaginative, often grappling with serious themes and complexities. His current project, the biopic Oppenheimer stargazing Cillian Murphywill be released next year.

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Like all great storytellers, Nolan is a filmmaker. Over the years, he has shared the movies that have inspired him. His recommendations on deep cuts and memorable gems provide an insight into Nolan’s development as a director. Other than that, Nolan’s fans will be pleased with some of his choices.


Wrong Time (1980)

Art Garfunkel, Theresa Russell a Harvey Keitel star in this psychological thriller. It chronicles the relationship between Milena and Alex, two young Americans in Vienna. A policeman joins the events after the attempt to kill Milena

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Bad weather led by Nicolas Roegthe creator of terror Don’t look nowstar Donald Sutherland a Julie Christie. Roeg’s work, especially his editing and ending, has been cited as an influence not only by Nolan, but by directors as well. Steven Soderbergh, Danny Boyle a Edgar Wright.

Foreign Correspondent (1940)

In this thriller, an American journalist (John McCrea) in London to compete to portray a revolution in the months leading up to World War II. The story was directed at the Americans when the United Kingdom tried to get the USA to enter the war.

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Foreign Press Officerhas been Alfred HitchcockThe second Hollywood film after the move from the UK. It’s one of the thriller master’s lesser-known works, but it’s definitely worth a look. Nolan said that Dunkirk is closely related by a feature on Foreign Press Officer a plane crashed into the ocean.

mr. Arkadin (1955)

mr. Arkadin which is one of Orson Wellesvery few movies. Like Male Citizenit revolves around an enigmatic tycoon, played by Welles (with epic facial hair) who sues an American businessman named Zouk (Akim Tamiroff). A small time thief (Robert Arden) to warn Zouk of a plan against him, opening a larger Cold War story. Although it was not decided, Nolan said the film contains “heartfelt examples of the genius of the great man.” There are different versions of mr. Arkadin floating around, but the Criterion edit released in 2006 is the best.

This is the movie that popularized the parable of the poisonous snake and the frog in the English-speaking world. Before this, the story was known only in Russia. In the story, a poisonous snake asks a frog to run across the river, promising not to catch him. During the trip, the poisonous snake bites the frog. When the frog asks why, the poisonous snake answers in kind.

Ryan’s Daughter (1970)

Set during WWI, Ryan’s Daughter follows the love affair between a married Irish woman (Sarah Miles) and a British officer (Robert Mitchum), and strong community opposition to their relationship. It is a retelling of the old story Madame Bovary na Gustave Flaubert. About three hours long, it’s truly epic.

Some have criticized the film’s historical accuracy, especially for its portrayal of Irish nationalism, but it is worth it for its dramatic performances and directorial flair. David Leanvery famous for Doctor Zhivago. Nolan praises Ryan’s Daughter for his landscapes, particularly his pictures of Irish beaches and the sea. Its opening image, which is also memorable, shows a small figure running down a large cliff.

Topkapi (1964)

This heist film is based on a plan to steal an emerald-encrusted knife from an ancient palace in Istanbul. Elizabeth was an ordinary woman (Melina Mercouri) enlists her criminal lover Walter (Maximilian Schell) for the scam, and teamed up with a group of thieves.

Topkapi not as good as a guide Jules Dassin‘s noir classic Rififi, but it will appeal to fans of crime capers, or anyone looking for a ’60s nostalgia trip. Nolan said he was a favorite Peter UstinovThe role of small-time hustler Arthur Simpson won Ustinov the Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

Koyaanisqatsi (1982)

Koyaanisqatsi an experimental document with no story, no dialogue and no story. It features only cities and states in the United States, with a minimalist composer’s score. Philip Glass. It’s called audio visual music, and makes extensive use of time-lapse and slow motion. His title means ‘life in balance’ in the Hopi language.

The film is packed with powerful scenes, and critics have described it as a warning about environmental damage. Nolan praises Koyaanisqatsi because it is not didactic, and instead allows the audience to think about the images until they come to their own conclusions.

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (1983)

David Bowie stars in this WWII drama from the director Nagisa Oshima about a British soldier held captive in a Japanese POW camp. Ryuichi Sakamoto, a musician, plays the camp manager. Through its main characters, the film explores the issues of cultural conflict and different ideas about honor.

Ōshima was a leading figure in the Japanese New Wave, responsible for the films In the Kingdom of BeautyaThe Assembly. Nolan praised Ōshima for making full use of Bowie’s influence in this film, which inspired him to cast Bowie in it. The honor.

The Hit (1984)

Two killers took a criminal (Terence signed up) when he was sentenced to ten years after his public complaint. But things don’t go as planned. The Press a crime street film from the director Stephen Frearsthe creator of the musical instrument Puma Beauty and drama-theatre Philomena stargazing Judi Dench a Steve Coogan.

Nolan praises The Press as a story about what men of faith can achieve. John Hurt very good as the murderer Braddock, as it were Tim Roth as his Myron counterpart, in his first film. The movie is by Mike Molloydark lands and dangerous lakes, add strength.

Road of Crocodiles (1986)

Crocodile Road a short holiday film from the Brother Quay, a pair of twin animators. It follows a puppet that has been released from its chains and goes to explore its surroundings, but finds it deserted and lonely. It’s a tragic story, but it has many interesting features. The filmmakers use different objects, objects and toys to fill the world of the puppet.

The cinematography and editing are clever and beautiful, with interesting use of focus and depth of field. The haunting scenes are punctuated by an evocative score, creating a dark and brooding vision. Crocodile Road is also a favorite of the filmmaker Terry Gilliam and the band Nine Inch Nailswho directs the film in their ‘Closure’ music video.

For All People (1989)

This story uses original footage from the Apollo program to tell the story of the moon landing and the technology that went into it. Editor Al Reinert assembled through 80 hours of interviews and unedited footage. He combines photos from different trips to make it seem like a single trip, and succeeds in refining the source material into a good story.

The documentary is only 90 minutes long, but it can give a great overview of one of the greatest technological achievements of mankind. The scenes of the sky and the moon are beautiful and otherworldly. It shows the great challenges of distance and gravity that the engineers and crew have overcome. The picture is accompanied by a soundtrack from the old maker Brian Eno. The moon landing appears to have been a major inspiration for Nolan, even in his film Interstellar.

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