Trouble! Basketball Champion Barely Eludes Burke Student

Burke’s own damnation! National College contestant Megan Sullivan emerged victorious on her televised Jeopardy! quarter finals on Feb. 16. (See Supplement, Feb. 8). With a winning score of $8,401, he advanced to the Jeopardy! semi-finals. At homecoming parties on his campus at the University of Virginia, and at those held by his parents at Burke, the level of excitement, fueled by his victory, was high.

Sullivan took a break from school work and became famous in the mill

On February 18th, as he competed in his semi-final match, Sullivan’s combination of experience, game play, and strategic planning enabled him to do his best. . He found himself the leader going into Final Jeopardy. He was hopeful when the final episode of Jeopardy aired, literally. As a teenager studying the Classics, literature was a strong point for him. Unfortunately, the significant other – luckily – is not with him for that last question. Answering “Who was Madame Bovary?”, instead of “Who was Lady Chatterly?”, he finished second behind Jaskaran Singh, who was the only one who answered the last question correctly. Madame Bovary lived in 1856 before she could illuminate the dull provincial life in Flaubert’s novel first published in France; while the character of Lady Chatterley seeks the escape of physical pleasure in DH Lawrence’s 1932 novel first published in Italy.

Sullivan said, “When I read the question, it was very disturbing because after reading the answers, I realized with a new piece of intel, like the author’s name, I got it right. Madame Bovary is not wrong, but I know the time is very wrong. I am familiar with the book but I have not read it. She added with a similar expression, “I will do it now .”

By making it from the quarter to the semi-final round, he increased his prize money from $10,000 to $20,000.

Although he did not reach the finals, Sullivan said, “I was proud because I thought I played better in the semi finals, the closer I got to the championship. throughout the competition. [Singh].”

Singh, a senior at the University of Texas, will be crowned the 2022 National College Champion, winning big on Feb. and a $250,000 prize.

What is Jeopardy! success? Sullivan was surprised to be seen so often in public. He also said that the celebrity has added to his workload, responding to emails and texts and making announcements on social media. He was invited as a surprise guest on a school Jeopardy game. Because of the added excitement, she still has time for her favorite pastime, knitting. He is working on a shirt, modeled, inspired by the epic theme of Finnish and Karelian mythology, Kalevala, which he found to be compatible with his interest in the Classics. He was using an expensive hand grinder, and he said, “I can buy it now.”

Speaking about her prize money, she said, “I’m kind of at that age in college between confidence and independence, so this is a great time to be given a piece. a lot of change. As I prepare to go to grad school and live on my own. That means I’ll have less work in graduate school.”

What’s next for the University of Virginia’s new celebrity? College and high school were more than enough for Sullivan. He hopes to find an attractive place to start a career as a high school Latin teacher. He believes that openings are waiting for him because of the number of teachers in that study until the retirement year.

As an avid knitter, she is calculating how many yarns she can buy with her prize money.

“I have more customers in the future.”

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