When Dreams Become Dreams: Ultimate Goal Setting

It is a clear and important part of our life to have dreams to desire as we grow, to find the best path we want for ourselves. Setting goals is an important aspect of how we plan ourselves and how we make choices in our life cycle. For most of us, this method is important in helping us focus and focus on the things we think will make us more productive and happy people. We decide we want to go for a career path, a relationship, a place to live, a place to travel, children to raise, etc.

But sometimes, there is a discrepancy between the goals we seek and the realities of our situation, through many circumstances that are beyond our control. Maybe there aren’t enough good paying positions outside of the industry we want, or we missed out on the promotion we wanted. Maybe the person we’re dealing with isn’t a supermodel or a wealthy tech mogul.

Some of us can change or alter these realities as needed until we are satisfied—but, ironically, others are caught in a self-defeating cycle where we seek some to something that is impossible or inappropriate in pursuit, or, go into depression because of this impossibility, without looking at the other paths in front of them.

The development of destructive narcissism

It is a normal and normal part of our financial planning to seek to be the best. Also, there are times when socioeconomic conditions and society do not protect us from the basic levels of security and human security, which is the biggest sociopolitical problem. However, on the same level, sometimes healthy narcissism turns into more destructive narcissism.

Another narcissistic type we are familiar with is the type that seeks their goals at all costs, trampling and manipulating others in their pursuit of what they want. think that the top of the mountain is their own. But another type of destructive narcissism is turned inward, where one constantly beats themselves up for not reaching their goals or for pursuing goals that they don’t deserve in the end. unnecessary for their happiness.

People with this self-defeating form of narcissism are not like the best dreams in their minds. They are often associated with going down in periods of depression.

This behavior may be related to a subtype of narcissism known as covert narcissism, which does not “show” as much as narcissists are familiar with but is concerned with self-esteem and high achievement. It is more flexible and thinner in relation to rejection and therefore more resistant to analysis.

As with other narcissistic types, covert narcissists may have been raised in environments that focused heavily on visible signs of achievement or status and have developed an opinion about their personality and where they need life. Unfortunately, these thoughts can set them up for future disaster and stasis.

They may believe that they have certain signs of success: external signs of money, fame, power, looks, and status. Expanding their ideas, their potential talents and abilities (and the benefits they have) will allow them to reach a certain point, but hitting some kind of related paths in fact-a highly competitive activity that they desire but do not have, luxury or wealth. they think they can follow anyone who rejects them, etc.

Motivational Reading

It’s a cycle of happiness

Instead of stepping back and appreciating what they have or adjusting in search of a different but happier goal, covert narcissists are stuck in a fruitless cycle of single-minded pursuit. . It’s not like a child who only likes one type of toy and always complains in frustration when they can’t have that toy, even when other good options are offered. Sometimes the goal they are looking for is a big problem that they don’t enjoy the result and they don’t realize it until it’s too late: competitive tasks can be heavy and boring, successful partners can be narcissistic and unloving. the house may require tons of maintenance and could put you in debt, etc.

Unfortunately, those who find themselves in this cycle of unhappiness would rather end up not pursuing their singular goal. They often break the ice, engage in mundane but less rewarding activities, or relationships or activities that they think will help them achieve their single dreams, including cost of looking at another way, better or the right way for them to look, because. It may not be as beautiful or appropriate as they originally thought. They can develop all sorts of reasons for not having stability in their lives, while dreaming of impossible thoughts. Some famous characters in fiction fall in this fatal way: Dick Diver in F. Scott Fitzgerald. Good NightLydgate in George Eliot’s MiddlemarchBlanche DuBois at A Car Named Desireetc. These people can develop severe depression, drug abuse, relationships, anger, and more.

Revisiting goals

It doesn’t help that many of the modern people are excited and look to external symbols of success and power, sent 24/7 to our media, entertainment, wealth, and the Internet. But part of growing as people is to celebrate ourselves with our limitations, flaws, and weaknesses. Then, we must accept them while focusing on what is important to our happiness. These are good relationships, mutual love, and living in the moment with simple joys.

It’s not a matter of fixing or accepting standards that were once considered mediocre. It’s about looking beyond non-spiritual goals and understanding what really benefits one’s life and makes real sense. Finally, as seen with the flu and the prospect of global warming, many of these fascinating indicators can easily turn into nothing to live with. The people who really care about you are in workplaces where people try to help others. they are happy, and more.

In addition, many people have not had the time to participate in the dreams of elitist perfection or to start any way to reach them. They will not survive when the gulf between rich and poor continues to widen, as basic access to housing, health care, jobs, and education is lost. as a decoration for the rich rather than the poor. Emotions matter.

Sometimes it’s only a personal problem or the thought of death that shakes some of us from the toxic game of narcissistic desire, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Gratitude is becoming a very important word in these sick times: be thankful for the things we cannot change, as said during CBS News’ Promotion program.

Pursuing dreams can be a beautiful and beautiful part of our human life, but not if the dreams themselves are made of soft clay, and the path to them is paved with dissatisfaction. We must do our best to look at the great beauty that lies before us, even deeper than the surface.

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