Who is Jho Low? 5 things to know about the 1MDB leak

Born in 1981 into a well-to-do family, billionaire Jho Low, whose alleged involvement in the 1MDB fraud shocked the business world, is making headlines in between Asia and America for years. It’s ABC The Con He is scheduled to report more on the financial scandal this Friday, August 18, 2022.

The theft of billions of dollars from the national treasury involves Low, a Penang native and alumni of Harrow and Wharton schools accused of being the mastermind behind the multi-billion 1MDB fraud dollars. Low has vehemently denied involvement as Interpol continues to pursue him. He can be anywhere as different rumors give different details of his location.

1. Jho Low (pictured) met like there was no tomorrow, jurors in a US court heard today during the trial of Goldman Sachs Group Inc banker Roger Ng, the one involved in the 1MDB scandal. https://t.co/TWknrudSwZ

Low enjoyed a glamorous lifestyle before becoming a celebrity for his involvement in 1MDB, paying to party with A-listers such as Leonardo DiCaprio and supermodel Miranda Kerr. Low’s former associates say his suspicious behavior can be traced back to his time as an MBA student at Wharton.

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Five little facts about 1MDB fugitive Jho Low

1) Jho Low is known as “The Asian Great Gatsby”


When he attended Wharton, Low hosted his first opulent party, earning him the nickname “The Asian Great Gatsby.” He spent $40,000 renting Shampoo, one of Philadelphia’s most popular nightclubs, for his 20th birthday.

As Low’s reputation for partying grew, many said he wrote a letter to Ivanka Trump asking her to join him on a gambling vacation at the Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic. City. Later, he revealed to his friends that he turned him in because he didn’t want to join one of his father’s casinos.

2) Low has a crush on Paris Hilton


According to reports, Jho Low is very hurt by Paris Hilton. Low quickly became a party animal and paid superstars like Megan Fox, Paris Hilton, and Leonardo DiCaprio to join him at his fun parties, paying them six figures in sales.

In 2009, Low called Hilton’s manager to ask if he could pay her to attend his parties. His love for the actor was the driver of the movement. He said he earned $100,000 per event.

The next year, he hired economist Paul Allen and blew millions on champagne. Later, Low and his current team with Hilton poured these bottles. Low reportedly gave Hilton a Cartier watch and $250,000 in casino chips for her 29th birthday in Las Vegas.

3) He made money from red carpet films, which produced several Hollywood hits.


Years ago, Jho Low provided money for the Red Granite film company, which he was responsible for producing. The Wolf of Wall Street. Hosting one of Low’s regular parties in 2011, the group kicked off its Cannes Film Festival.

DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, and Jamie Foxx are among the celebrities who have been treated to a performance by Kanye West and Pharrell. Jordan Belfort is the main character of the group The Wolf of Wall Street and he was an old liar.

4) Jho Low is friends with Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton, and Jamie Foxx are among the celebrities Low has joined in his pursuit of an opulent lifestyle. A deal for Leonardo DiCaprio signed in November 2009 also came out during the investigation of the billion dollar fraud.

DiCaprio was reportedly paid $150,000 to attend Jho Low’s birthday party, a lavish party, and exclusive gambling sessions. He was flown to the party in a private jet chartered just for him by a premium travel company. Low counted him as one of his famous lovers and gave the artist a Basquiat piece valued at $9.2 million as a gift.

5) He has ties to Goldman Sachs and the Trump administration

1. Fugitive financier Low Taek Jho (Jho Low) has offered RM1.5 billion to the Malaysian government to settle 1MDB claims against him, sources told The Edge. Former attorney general Jho Low Apandi Ali (right) represented him in negotiations with the Malaysian government. https://t.co/SuDYYcfJbl

According to reports, Roger Ng and Tim Leissner, two Goldman Sachs bankers, helped Jho Low throw these events and parties. Leissner has entered a criminal complaint and is actively assisting authorities. Prosecutors said Ng received $35 million in compensation for these payments.

According to the sources, Leissner reiterated that Low said that he and his lawyers discussed with the Trump administration in 2017 for a solution that would exclude 1MDB from the US prosecution. To quell questions about 1MDB, Low also said he spoke with Jared Kushner, a senior adviser in the Trump Administration’s White House.

Those comments were disputed by a person with knowledge of Kushner’s travel plans. Elliott Broidy admitted to making false accusations against the Trump Administration on behalf of Low, indicating that there is still a connection between Low and the Trump administration.

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