Why Feng Xiaogang ‘Madame Bovary’ is not Madame Bovary |

It is not the Gustave Flaubert style that Feng Xiaogang directed in his new film.

Mia Wasikowska stars as the title character in 2015 Madame Bovary film transfer.

Moviegoers in China and abroad can’t miss seeing Feng Xiaogang’s new movie I am not Madame Bovarybecause the director does not refer to Gustave Flaubert’s main character, but to another leading lady of Chinese literature.

The title of the movie is not in Chinese I am not Madame Bovarybut I am not Pan Jinlian. Although both women have been accused at different times of moral wrongdoing, their attitudes are quite different.

Pan Jinlian appears first Laws of the Marsh (also known as Water Capacity a All men are brothers), one of the four famous Chinese epics, attributed to Shi Nai’an and written during the late Yuan dynasty (1271-1368) or the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). He is a minor character in a novel that features 108 heroes, and would have been lost in history if it had not been for another author, known by the pseudonym Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng, did not make it the most important aspect of what is most popular in China. erotic stories, Jin Ping Mei (金瓶梅), translated as A plum in a pot of goldor by the given name of Pan, The Golden Lotus.

In both cases [books], [Pan] it’s real femme fatale – ill-tempered, small-footed, and practiced in the manner of singing and playing music associated with musical entertainers of dubious reputation, not with women of good birth or ​​​honorable woman,” Brendan O’Kane, a Ph.D candidate in Ming and Qing Dynasty literature at the University of Pennsylvania. Pan became the fifth wife of the book’s main character, Ximen Qing, after she kills her first husband, and her love affair with Pan, and her other adulterous activities are the basis of the story. Pan is also responsible for the death of her second husband, even without knowing it.

“[Pan] a bad woman par excellenceand despite the attempts by some writers and modern scientists to paint it in a slightly more pleasant way, it is still a great symbol of the brutality and violence of women, “said O’Kane – it is director Feng who is trying to call in. the Chinese title of his film, and the image that the protagonist of his film, Li Xuelian (“Snow Lotus” as opposed to the ” Golden”) and Pan played by Fan Bingbing.

even if Madame Bovary now known more for his literary rather than erotic works, which some critics have described as “the best novel,” The Golden Lotus it is now widely viewed as a network. However, scholars have now redefined it as a term for class and behavior rather than a simple function.

Flaubert’s Emma Bovary can be viewed as sexual by some, a female figure by others, but only her own life. In Feng’s film, his main wife is the victim of crime, but she is painted as a negative Pan Jinlian/Madame Bovary by her husband, explaining the opening of the film. But in this case, there is no word that the title of the picture is read, not Li Xuelian.

For the author Steven Schwankert is an award-winning editor and journalist with 20 years of experience in Greater China, focusing on culture, media, research, and technology. His book, “Poseidon: China’s Secret Salvage of Britain’s Lost Submarine” was published in 2013 by Hong Kong University Press. “Beijing & Shanghai,” a guide book he co-wrote for Hong Kong’s Odyssey Publications, is now in its third edition.

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